Please...need some advice!!!!

I have had pink/brown discharge since thurs... Iam not due my mp until saturday. I woke up this morning to mld period pains and more browny discharge. About lunchtime I started to bleed... It wasnt like my normal period(that have been 28 days for months). Its 5pm now and i am no longer bleeding, but still have the brown discharge....Im losing my mind...Please dont read and run... Thankyou x x:\?


  • See I was just about to read and run until I got to the last bit! Not sure what to say honey! Have your periods always been 28 days? xx
  • me again, I was about to say implantation bleed but didnt want to get your hopes up so now Mrs Rich has said it thats what I was thinking too!! xx
  • My periods have always been 28 days... came off the pill 3 months ago and still they have been 28 days!!!!! Very confused!
  • You caught me like Lisa, was going to r&r as not sure what to say!
    I also think it could be implantation bleed. Not pg yet, but understand they can be pinky to browny.
    Try not to worry, and test when af is due, if hasn't turned up early.
    Hope it's a bfp for you. Let us know. xx

  • Hi
    Not really sure what it could be, as the others say it might be implantation bleed.
    From the other thread you have been having other symptoms too.
    Hope it all works out for you - just take it easy and let us know how you get on xxx
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