how do i know if i am late??

im assuming im 3 days late going by a 28 day cycle but i have a ques. How do i know if im late or its just that my cycles have changed since being on the pill? i was 1 and a half weeks late last month so assumed it would gradually reduce until i was back to 28 days. Is this not the case?? x


  • Hi s.s,

    I have the same problem, my cycles have been all over the place since coming off the pill.
    You will probably find that you arent late and thats just how long your cycles are, but could always be a BFP too.

    How long you been off the pill? My first AF after my withdrawal bleed was on a 28 day cycle so i presumed i would be regular, after that it went crazy and still is. I spose as it was the pill making it regular, it doesnt have that to rely on anymore.

  • i came off the pill end march hun then had my wd bleed. Then had my af which was a 38 cycle so just assumed that it would get more on time as the months went on. I was on a 28 day cycle before so really dont know!! Will test in a few days and if BFN then no doubt she will turn up soon after. We are only taking the natural approach to it as opposed to charting ov, etc. It will happen when it happens!! x
  • Hope you get your bfp hun image x
  • did a test today and bfn. Used a superdrug one so I know its realiable. Oh well just waiting for af to turn up now so we can get on with ttc!!! xx
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