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Sperm friendly lube!



  • good idea hunni image if in doubt just keep bd'ing x
  • My ov days vary between cycles, I only know this as I now use OPK's and do temps so if you don't monitor with anything I suggest bding everyother day from CD10 until CD 25 - with preseed of course and no saliva!!! :lol:
  • Hi this is my first post on this site....
    Don't really know why Im posting...feel a bit low tonight and hubby is out. Saw this thread and it caught my eye.....
    I bought Sasmar Conceive Plus the other day, but hubby couldnt ...ahem...perform....first time ever that he's had that problem!
    He said there was just no sensation for him, but I think maybe we used too much.
    Or maybe its the pressure of TTC. Oh god, I hope not..
    I feel really crappy today, had great hopes that we would try loads this month but so far we havent been in together or that stupid lube caused us problems. I don't ovulate until next week but I wanted to make sure we got a lot of BD before.
    Arghhhhh just wanna hide away and cry!!!
    Sorry guys..its just this is pretty emotional stuff isnt it.
    Lots of luck and baby dust to all that are TTC
  • hi Squatchy don't be down pet - we've all been there, OH not able to perform - we all yell at them too when they are sick or tired etc - we're all nuts!!!! image Sometimes with men it's a number of things that effects them and you'll never know what it as exactly but you have to just see what you need to do, maybe not tell him when you're oving so he doesn't feel under pressure and with the lube it's a case of trial and error - I don't use much preseed at all as it does get to squishy - like a bowl of jelly!!! :lol:

    Anyway come and join us - we'll cheer you up! image
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