ive just found the weirdest thing!!

hi everyone was just browsing online at ttc stuff lol and came across this weird site, that claims to be able to tell if you are pregnant without a test hmmm...

apparently im pregnanct with a boy!!!



  • Yayyy, im with child and having a girl!! can I announce this as my BFP? lol xxxx
  • it gave me such a warm happy feeling lol (well just for a minute lol)x
  • Woohoo I'm having a boy lol!!! from the looks of it he is a whopper too!!!!! Ha Ha
  • Well it did make me laugh - I'm having a 12lb 5oz (ouch!) boy with blonde hair and grey (?) eyes and the dad is Michael Jackson :lol: My dh won't be very happy about that but obviously MJ has progressed from lil' boys to women since his passing :lol:
  • I'm having a boy too, 8 pound 11 with red hair! And Ralph Nader is the dad! That must have been a drunken 1 night stand that i can't remember lol!

  • this made me laugh
    I got not pregnant, then retested as advised and got 12lb 2oz boy and the dad is the pool boy LOL
    thought I do it again and got a girl, 15lb 15oz (OMG) and the dad is still the pool boy LMAO
  • At least the pool boy is better than Michael Jackson!!!! With you and the pool boy getting it on so much maybe you should reconsider your options :lol:
  • I'm having a little girl by the pool boy!
    I think I'm more excited that I will be getting a pool!
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