Which would you rather see - AF or BFN?


I am still new to all of this and just at the end of my first month. I started testing on about 11DPO and sent myself a little mad!! I am now waiting for AF and pretty sure she will arrive tomorrow. I really don't think I am pregnant and the multitude of tests I have done seem to say the same thing!!

It made me wonder, do you all prefer to do a test and know before AF arrives so you are more prepared or would you rather just wait for AF as BFN makes you feel worse?

I can't decided what is best!! I have had a few BFN and they have all felt rubbish but the idea of AF seems just as rubbish but I do feel more prepared for it!

I just want to try and minimise the image next month....



  • I think id rather see AF, as i can talk myself out of a BFN and make myself think its not, or its too early,

    AF seems very final-but then at least i can look forward to the next month.

  • AF! That way I know its completely a big NO and then I cant go "well maybe its too early or a faulty test..." etc

    Dont get much more of a sure answer than AF xxx
  • yeah i agree with the rest of the girls, def af. i tend not to test much coz my body makes it pretty clear from about 4 days before that af is on her way.xx
  • deffo af, im due to day and no sign as yet but i won't test until sat at the VERY earliest (16dpo)- i hate bfns and i really don't think we've done it this month
  • Hey,

    definitely af - I've got myself all worked up before and tested and felt so rubbish about it all when i've seen the BFN.

  • this is tricky coz they're both rubbish but i would have to agree that af is marginally better. last month i got af a couple of days early so didn't have time to cave in and test and although it was a shock and upsetting at least i knew where i was and was back to cd1 whereas the month before af was a few days late (how she likes to mess with us hey?) and that was horrible coz i was getting bfns but didn't know for sure, but not in a still-hopeful way just in a fristrated and horrible way!
    anyway lets hope we don't have either this month!
  • AF for sure- just tested at 10 dpo to see a bfn. Annoying too as I haven't felt the urge to test this month but as it's hubbys birthday today thought it would be a nice present so took the risk. Now I feel like poo! image
  • Definitely prefer to see AF if I had to choose between them xxx
  • I'm a bit different here, although we only tried for 2 months before getting our BFP (which I'm hugely thankful for), both months I would have much rather tested and got a BFN than have AF arrive. But then again I didn't try to convince myself that there was anything wrong with the tests, I took a BFN to mean BFN!

    K xx
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