Help, Advice needed please ladies :)

I Started taking angus castus in jan after 8 months of no AF, 36 days later on 27th Feb i had AF, 30 days after that i had another AF on 29th March n now i've had nothing since!!

I have PCOS so am used 2 having no AF's but dont get why i've had 2 so close 2gether then nothing! (oh & i've been taking it 4 the 1st 14 days of my cycle then stopping til AF arrives).

Last friday i had a little bit of brown then light pink spotting when i wiped (TMI) then again early hours sun morning, been having a heavy, crampy feeling in my tummy. slight nausea (but nothing major). slight sore boobs if i lie on my tummy (again nothing major). Now i have thrush (not sure if this is significant or just coincidence, again sorry if TMI).

I have done a couple of ebay cheapie tests as thought the spotting could be implantation but they have only come back with V V V faint lines & these could be evap lines as they are not getting any darker! I dont wanna get my hopes up but its now been 47 days since my last AF and i have never had spotting b4 so dont really know what 2 think!! soooo confused!! if it was implantation, surely a HPT would be positive 6 days after the last of the spotting wouldn't it???

Sorry 4 the long post!!!



  • yeah i agree, try a super drug test as they are really sensitive if the line is still coming up then i would say your pregnant even if it is faint, mine were faint at first, good luck hunni hope you get your bfp! X x x
  • Also try asda they are 15 mlu and are 2 for 3.60!!

    Hope it is bfp!

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