Implantation and orgasm... ?

Just a though but does anyone know if too many orgasms during BD-ing might stop implantation?

Probably way tmi but I tend to have one each time we BD, and I wondered if all the spasming might stop an embryo implanting?

Or am I being totally paranoid?


  • I doubt it but don't know for sure.
    But just wanted to say - lucky you having O every time you bd!!!!
  • I know. It is the oddest thing but it works for me pretty much every time. Even quickies if I go on top (tmi, sorry). So unless OH is really, really quick, I'm not sure how I could avoid it!

    Let's just hope any embryo can hold on tight in that case....
  • I dont know if this helps at all but my OH read in New Scientist a few weeks ago that when you have an orgasm something inside you spasms and it actually dips into the pool of sperm sitting outside your tubes - Im not sure if Im explaining this right but in a nutshell, orgasms are good for trying to concieve!!
  • That's pretty impressive. I used to be able to if I went on top and went fast (tmi!!!) But for some reason it doesn't happen anymore. Must be too old now...!!!
  • Thanks Jem - that is helpful. Maybe all the throbbing sucks the little swimmers further up or something?

    Yes - I know I'm lucky and am praying it lasts. When I hear that some people never orgasm during sex I think how awful that would be! But maybe you don't miss it if you've never had it?
  • Yeah, maybe. I had it though and I miss it...!!! :lol:
  • Poor Baby B! I bet you do. You'll have to get your OH back on the case.

    My DH has the rule: Ladies First (but he doesn't stick to that if he's drunk unless I persuade him and really focus my mind). Oh dear, def tmi!
  • Goodness - a new challenge.... timing the orgasm.... bet that oh will love that... am already wondering how to phrase that to him so it seems exciting rather than practical...

    Glad you're lucky too SB!
  • i too have read that an orgasm helps "suck" things up lol image

    but it isn't vital to conceive.

    have fun!! xxx
  • I have read it is good too!! But yes mre-e - not vital!! PMA for all us out there who don't get it everytime!! Flush30 - you are sooo lucky!!

    I read a 'old wives tale' that if you conceive through orgasm you have a boy, and if not, a girl!!
  • I know this is probably far more information than my OH would like me to share...... but the last few times we 'baby danced' - love that phrase! - we had him go first and then I went quickly afterwards, luckily Im able to time it pretty well, but I certainly wont be able to do that everytime as too much thought goes into it and it becomes a bit mechanical!!
  • Well, I'm desperate to conceive but I don't want things to become too mechanical, so I reckon I'll just err... ride .... it out and enjoy bd-ing, and not worry.

    I don't think I can bear to turn it into some sort of synchronised sex session!

    Right: new undies on and ready for a quickie at half time with my OH.... way tmi, sorry everyone.
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