Can i join you?

hi im cheryl 25 and mum to four lovely boys. Me and my partner have decided to try for currently on cd12 of a 29 day cycle and fingers crossed i hope this is the month for us.

do you ladies mind if i join you?



  • of course not!! The more the merrier!! Welcome to the site.
  • Hello & welcome...
    I am currently trying for no:4 and this is month 3 for me, have been watching for signs of possible ov, have had crampy type pains and been getting faint lines on ov sticks, so heres hoping it's a bfp very soon. I have 3 girls. Good luck. xxx
  • hi and welcome x
  • Hi and welcome

    I am also fairly new and the girls are great on this site. BUT - warning! - it is very addictive tho as have been coming on more and more frequntly over last couple of days!!
    I am ttc number 3 - have 2 lovely girls already but would love 1 more to complete the family. Am currently on month 8/9 - have lost track tbh but only on cycle 2 (very irregular as have been on and off pill for 13 years). Good luck, hope you get your BFP soon.
  • Hi, and welcome to the site. I'm trying for number 1, heading into month 4. xx
  • Thanx everyone i really appreciate the warm welcome!
    This will be cycle 1 for me...i had the coil put in recently after a d&c 7 weeks ago but had it taken out after 6 weeks after a few probs and deciding it wasnt what i wanted. Im hoping it shouldnt have messed my cycle up too much if anything at all.

    Ive always had a rough 29 day cycle and i usually ov around day 12/13 which puts me spot on today so got some bd'in this morning and hopefully tonight, i wanna cover all possiblities! My Poor Other half! Im really being positive this month, plenty of pma so if any ladies need any extra ive got plenty to share!!

    look forward to getting to know you all

  • hello and welcome!! lots of babydust to you xxx
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