period type pains...could af be a week early? :/?

Hi all. Im fairly new 2 this and finding some things a bit confusing. i dont think im understanding my body very well so just asking 4 a bit of advice. all day i hav been getting quite strong period type pains in my lower abdomen. I normally feel these 1/2 days b4 af appears. Im not due on af til 20th/21st...could it possibly be a week early. I feel rotten and like af is going to start any day. Its makng me feel a bit disappointed.
Has any1 else known af 2 appear early?
Thanks 4 any advice. It is appreciated.


  • I'm irreg so the cow shows up whenever she pleases. but if you're usually like clockwork it could be implantation. some people say they get pains. fingers crossed it's good news not AF
  • hi, thanx 4 the reply. Im normally fairly regular within 1 to 2 days but im trying not 2 get 2 hopeful as its only our 1st month n i dont think im gonna b that lucky. but my stomach has been really bad 2day so def not imagining it. gonna keep my fingers crossed n hope af doesnt show n it is implantation.x
  • sorry, don't have much useful advice except as gemgems said it could be implantation. I've had similar pains for three weeks since chemical mc and GP said I was either pregnant or fabriods after doing an internal. As you are quiet regular, the pains sound positive, fingers crossed for you image
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