Ok I give in....

..... where do you all get these cheap OPK's from?
I had always known when I was ovulating but since my D&C in May my cycles are a little messed up. I think I need to get some OPK as thought I was ov when I wasnt this month. I have seen ones in the chemist that are a rip off so cheapies would be good. Are they any good though?

Thanks in advance xxx


  • lol babylove, u caved, teehee. i got 60 off ebay for ??10.79 i think. i havent ov'd yet and this month is our first of using them, but i have heard good things, so no harm in trying image good luck xxxx
  • Thanks mrs*me*. Would you have a link for any as I have looked on ebay and can only find the expensive ones. What should I put in the search?
  • here ya go, these are what i bought,you just need to send them a message saying u want 60 ov tests or 50 ov tests 10 pg tests, or however many u want of each.


    personaly tho, they arnt the early ones (pg tests) so i went for the 60 ov tests as i think i i done pg test with this and it was bfn i would probs not beleiev it and go buy a fr anyways lol. so just went for the ov ones xxxx
  • Thanks very much. I think I would be the same about the HPTs as I love FR an asdas own.
    I had said I would try and take the ttc casualy this time and I think I may have just crossed the line image

  • lol welcome to the dark side image teehee xxxx
  • Thanks Keri Anne I will have a look xx
  • Amazon sell them for very little and I always get results.. search for OPKs.
  • Is it still BFN BabyLove? x
  • Thanks ladies.

    Hi LW dont mind you G/C at all. I had actually just read your post about hubby waking pip ;\)

    So glad your all doing well in DID, miss you all xxx
  • I've used clearblue digital and the amazon cheapies (which are the same as the ebay ones!). The cheap ones work just as well and you have the bonus of being able to use them twice a day if you want to test at different times. I still haven't got my BFP though so I've just bought a CBFM. I hope it happens soon for you, it must be very hard after a mmc x
  • Hi D how are you?
    Yes its still a BFN and used FR. I know im not preg as CM very dry, I think im just messed up after the D&C.
    Have you decided to wait a month or 2 or fire ahead?
  • Thanks Goonie. I just want something cheap so have ordered some of ebay. I hope you get your BFP soon xxx
  • Ha ha - you know me - we are firing ahead but not actively TTC - well we keep saying that but that little voice is still there LOL x
  • Good idea babylove - it will make you feel better knowing when you ovulate and will give you a better idea of when Af will come too!
    I think this will be our month for BFPs! xx
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