please can you help me interpret my ov test?

hi, just wondered if you ladies could give me your opinion. i've been doing ov tests for the last few days and they have been obviously negative with no 2nd line at all. today I did one and there was a line, which was definitely different to before but still not a dark as the control line which accoring to the instructions means its negative. however i also got EWCM today and the exact same thing happened last month. would you interpret this to mean its positive?
thanks xxx


  • I get EWCM for about 3 days before positive opk xx
  • The tests I used gave me a line but it was lighter than the control, the instructions told me that meant negative as well but I went ahead and took it to be ov, glad I did as I got my BFP today! You could be maybe just getting the test done as your levels are rising which is making the line that little bit lighter.

    Good luck hun xx
  • I would say your levels are increasing indicating ov but not quite there yet...i would still BD today though as ov is coming close, so no harm in doing a bit extra. Good luck. If you test tomorrow, maybe the line will be darker, so BD again then xx
  • thanks for your replies and congrats Huni! i'm wondering if i need a higher sensitivity ov test, so might give that a go next month (though hopefully i won't need to!) or maybe i should stop buying cheapo tests! lol x
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