sorry if TMI but need some sex education!!

I didn't think i was naive, being 30 years old i thought i was pretty clued up! Me and H2b decided to come off the pill 3 months ago with a view to if it happens it happens, and being laid back about it. However, i am monitoring when the right times might be and planning it a little bit more than him, it's hard not to! H2b came home after the match the other day having had a few drinks, i knew it was roughly the right time in my cycle so made the first move and we had sex. At the end, it totally seemed like he came but there was no fluid draining after at all from me, not even later in the day (sorry if TMI). This has never happened to me before. I asked him if he did come as i know this can be harder to do when under the influence - but he was very convincing and i can't imagine he'd ever pretend!! He said that he did but that there wasn't much in it as it was more "emotional." He said this when he was still a bit drunk. I am wondering whether i can be at all optimistic that i might have a chance this month - as i don't know what happened?! Has this ever happened to anyone else? Or is he just having me on?! :roll: feel a bit stupid asking.


  • I can only think it was the drinking hun! I am guessing based on what you said he didn't manage it - men will say anything to avoid embarrassment too - still even the pre-ejaculate has some swimmers in it so I would say you're in with a chance.

    The best way to get PG though is to do it daily or at least every other day leading up to the middle of your cycle. We BD every other day from cd10 (my cycle is 26-28 days normally), I use OPK's and when I get a +ve opk (usually cd12 or 13) we BD daily for 3 days running then we usually stop. I had got my bfp twice doing this, unfortunately they didn't stick. Good luck hun.
  • yeah I think saying it was more emotional is a bit of a confession to maybe not having got there and being a bit too tispy to try harder sorry. The best thing to do if you want to up the anti is to try and have sex as much as possible towards the middle of your cycle. For me with my first we were missing the boat as I was waiting for my bleed to completely end (TMI sorry) before having sex, I was therefore actually missing my ov as my bleed has always been quite drawn out. I normally have 28 day cycle, and ovulate between 10-14 days the month I fell pregnant we'd had sex in the week leading up to day 10/12 rather than waiting for my signs of ovulation. Sperm can stay alive for up to 6 days once inside so if its already in there before you ovulate there may be more chance.

    and hey you never know so good luck
  • men can actually orgasm without ejaculating so perhaps that is what happened. And don't worry about not BDing one night as long as you did it the days before

    Good luck xxx
  • men can actually orgasm without ejaculating so perhaps that is what happened. And don't worry about not BDing one night as long as you did it the days before

    Good luck xxx
  • there have been ladies who notice this closer to ov as the cervix is open and wide,seems like the right environment for all the spermies to get in,which is why there isnt much or any leakage,could be your lucky month chick xxxx
  • il add its ladies who now have their little ones,ive been here a long time lol
  • thanks for the replies ladies. I don't like to think after 5 years together and getting married in 4 weeks he'd see the need to pretend! But he was really quite drunk so who knows. I very much like Grudie's theory - lets hope thats what happened! H2b now on stag do so i think thats all the sex at the right time ill get this month ;(
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