When would you visit GP?

Can i ask for some help please?

Im now on day 41 on cycle which is 35 days on the dot normally (5 weeks), ive had lots of BFN's, but i was testing when i really thought i wouldnt be as we were both so poorly when trying we only bd twice.

When would you visit the Dr or at least make an appt because its really very odd that im so late, and i presume its sods law that i wont be preg, but i at least dont want anything to be wrong with me.

Thank you, im just so worried and upset that there is something wrong with me when we finally say we will try for a baby.


  • Hi HomeFairy. Have you recently come off the pill or another form of BC? xx
  • I came off of depo about two years ago and had to take some tablets after six months as from the four months after time i had AF for two months. After that ive been every five weeks.
    I always thought i knew when i OVd as my CM was (sorry timi) very wet and creamy and i had a sore lower tummy.

    I dont do any tests to prove/disprove myself though.

    Thank you
  • Hay i knoe how u feel i am now 6days late and after another bfn i am hoping for the witch to come. I dont know when i OV'd as i was ment to be chilling out this month :lol:
    Now the witch isnt here and bfn i am getting so stressed out xx
    Gems x
  • I hope what I have to say is reassuring.....I usually have a perfectly normal 28-30 day cycle. I have never missed a period. Then in November I missed one. I took numerous tests which all came back BFN. I was really worried because h2b and I were just about to start ttc. I spoke to dr and she said it was common to occasionally miss a period (ie. no ovulation). I have really strssed myself out since November and convinced myself I was infertile and that my periods had gone for good. However, I think I ovulated almost 2 weeks ago, in which case I will hopefully get my period in the next few days.....I never thought I would actually be happy to see AF!!!! If I do get AF at the end of this week then my cycle will only be out by a few days which works out well, as before my cycle messed up, AF was due on my wedding day. I should now get AF the week after the wedding!!!! I will let you know if I get the witch x

    PS. I started taking Agnus Castus to help balance my hormones as throughout November and early December I kept getting little patches of wet cm but it was like my body couldn't quite manage to ovulate. I also suffer from IBS and the Agnus Castus has been like a miracle cure. I have most likely ovulated (but I may have done so anyway) but it has also completely helped with a number of horrible IBS symptoms! Who knew herbal supplements could be so amazing!!!!!
  • Smiley Face-thank you so much, i think i might try it! I take folic acid so can i take them both?
  • Hi HomeFairy, I had a similar problem. my af used to arrive 31/32 always until one month I didn't see her till cd48 and then my cycles were all over the place!!! It so happened that a friend became pregnant that month and I told her about my af and she said that folic acid can prolong cycles as I just started taking it. Now I know effective folic acid is but when I stopped taking it, my cycle reduced to 34. But of course I don't how if this is actually true, just thought I would share xxx
  • Thank you, i really do know im not, but its horrible when the first month of trying then you dont see AF-im normally an optimist, but i wish i wasnt in these circumstances. Id rather AF just came along and we could quickly get on with trying!!!

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