booked 1st docs apt after 12 mths ttc - what 2 expect?

Hi girls
As the title says I have booked me and hubby in at the doctors for a week on Wednesday (my AF is due 1st aug) If AF comes it will be 12 cycles of ttc so I figure I will get us in straight away and if AF doesn't come then I could go to docs with happier news. I apologise that this has probably been asked a million times but what will the doctors say/ask/do? I have no idea what to expect?

Thanks girls XXX


  • you - blood tests - pre and post ovulation, maybe gynae examination +/- swabs
    partner - sperm samples
    then referral to clinic depending on results
  • At my first doctors appointment the doc went through my history, asked a lot of questions and arranged for my bloods to be done. But at the same time referred me to the fertility clinic because of the length of time we have been ttc and my age. Just a month later i have had my first appointment at the clinic today. But i believe each doctor/area do things differently.
    Good luck with your first appointment.
    Amanda x
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