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Hi Girls

I am a newbie who is in desparate need of some help and advice.

Been TTC since September after coming off pill. To date my AFs have been pretty regular with occasional AFs being 1 day late or 1 day early, which was no probs!

My AF is 4 days late, AF cramps started 2 days ago and have been feeling nauseous for about a week and to say the least i am a little anxious!! Previously i knew my AF had arrived because of the cramps but this time is different - hate playing the waiting game - just keep thinking AF will be any time - needless to say i never leave the bathroom for checking lol

Did x2 tests yesterday at different times - both were negative :\?

Decided to go see my GP today as i was still unwell and unsure about the whole situation. My GP said there is a good chance i could be PG given my symptoms but he said that as it could be such an early stage, the PG would not show up in my urine (hence HPTs negatives!!). He advised i see the nurse and get tested again there and then - again a negative! I have been advised to wait a few more days and if still no AF, to take a further HPT or call back at the Health Centre.

Have any of you had similar symptoms???? Could i be or is it in my head or is my body playing crazy tricks????? :\? :\?



  • hi and welcome.
    first of all i really do hope it is your bfp! some people dont get a bfp on a hpt until their af is like a week late. unfortunatly this ttc stuff can play havoc with our bodies.
    what i would suggest is, if af does not show in a few days and you retest with hpt and its negative do go back to gp and ask him/her for a blood test, this will read the hormone level in your body.
    what test are you testing with? are you using fmu? x

  • Hi Wannababy

    The first HPT i tried was asda's own brand and the other i used was Clear Blue. On both occasions i tested with FMU. Both were BFN :\(

    I seem to be having quite a lot of symptoms but until i get a BFP or my AF, then i won't be able to settle myself.

    My AF in previous years has always been very regular - this being the first time my AF is late by 4 days - don't know what to think :cry:

  • im not sure about asda tests (someone else might be able to help?) but clear blue are not that sensitive. tescos own brand and first response are the ones i would personally recommend.
    leave it another couple of days and if no af retest. i know how hard it can be and i hope it is your bfp xx
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