a bit disappointed but glad its getting sorted out

hi ladies, went to the docs today cos been suffering from headaches for a week or so. was tryin to find out the reasons behind it and cant believe didnt think of it, but the headaches came on once the bleeding finished from the miscarriage i had right at the end of last month, and the doctor felt my tum, sed it felt tender. so ive got a small infection from the mc that i had, and have been given tabs for it, and tabs for my headache, he thinks its linked to the hormones ive got at the moment. so looks like ttc is on hold for a bit til ive finished my tabs and til i get my period which im expecting 5th may, but am glad in a way this has been sorted out and the infection has been sorted and not left un-noticed. and can start trying once period has gone. so hope its my month next month. sorry for the rant, just wanted this outta my chest so could feel a bit better about trying next month. x


  • hope your feeling better soon, at least things are getting sorted even if it mean holding off TTC a tad, hopefully when you start again nice and fresh you'll get a BFP nice and quickly! xx
  • So sorry to hear about your mc, soap, but at least the infection has been caught before it turned into anything nasty. This way you know you're 100% healthy to TTC again.

    Hope you start to feel better soon with the tabs - its amazing how draining headaches can be. Good luck hon xx
  • So sorry to hear about your mc hun, glad you got sorted and hope you will be back ttc again soon.

    Take care xx
  • aww thanks for the messages girls. yeah ive gotta be positive, and believe my time wil come. but all this waiting around can be so frustrating lol. im lucky in some ways am engaged so plannin for the wedding keeps my mind off things sometimes, but its always there at the back of the head isnt it. cant wait to start trying again next month after i get my first period. baby dust to you all xx
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