Anyone use hospitals in Ipswich, Colchester or Chelmsford??

am moving to near Ipswich in 11 days time, and just got back from the doctors and have my notes to hand here at home for being refered to docs there.

i've got pcos and have had months of tests and want to know anyones experiences of any of the above hospitals please. been told to expect to be put on clomid.

thanks girls xx


  • That's all my area Issy but I've got no experiences to report I'm afraid. If I hear of anything I'll let you know.
  • hi there, i live in Ipswich and i was at Ips hospital at the weekend having tests for Ectopic pg. I found them to be very efficient. Also i gave birth to my daughter there.

    Colchester is a very good hospital too (as i used to live near there) but no experience of Chelmsford.

    I think you will be fine and will recieve good antenatal care

    Hales 9+2
  • Hey babe as you know i live in colchester and work at colchester general hospital in the ultrasound department doing gynae appointments . I had my baby girl there 20 months ago and i had fab midwifes and excellent care in post-natal. Not sure about consultants but there are certain pathways you have to been seen within and from referral to getting treated is 18 weeks. If you are referred for a gynae scan this is 6 weeks from referral and all targets are met and im sure the same at ipswich hospital. Hope this helps hun Just make sure you GP is on your case immediatley and referring you to a consultant xx
  • St John's in Chelmsford, some people love it, some hate it! lol Old building, and apparently midwives not all very nice. I was on gynae ward thought which was ok. xx
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