Do eBay cheapies get evap lines?

Hi girls

I've used a fair few eBay cheapies in my time, for some reason decided to POAS tonight after peeing loads all evening! Only 10dpo too. It was a bfn but I didn't wait the full 5 mins as I don't really trust them anyway. Went back about half hour later and there is the faintest of faint lines! H2b could see it too, but honestly it's so faint I couldn't post a pic or anything.

I've never seen an evap line on these tests but just wondering if maybe thats what it was?! I don't have any proper tests or I'd do one!

Please help! I won't sleep tonight now! I was so sure we were out I had sushi and 2 glasses of wine tonight *cry*

Xx :cry:


  • Was there any kind of colour to the line? If you see colour it's a bfp - if not, if the line is white and kind of indented it is probably not a bfp and an evap line - but it's still early - 10dpo is about the earliest I have got a bfp so you never know. I hope it was a coloured line you saw image
  • It was brownish?? Silly muppet that I am doing tests at 11pm!! Thanks for replying hun image xx
  • Brown???? Try tomorrow with FMU! Good luck.x
  • Yeah I know, it was like a very faint dark pink but looked brown to me! Crazy eh! Fmu it is lol x
  • oh well pink is good - brown I am not sure about. I will check back tomorrow for your update! image
  • Only just seen this princess - good luck, good luck, good luck!!!!

  • Did another eBay test this morning and can defo see the faintest of lines, h2b wants me to do a proper test today but I'm happy to wait a couple of days for my SD ones to come in the post... No idea why I'm so calm!! Xxx
  • thats great news, cant believe your calm about it all. x
  • Congrats princess, hope this is it for you!

    I knew we'd had to have a BFP from our CBFM thread!!

    I'm just rather anxious for AF to be over so I can start using the CBFM again, and see some peaks this time!

  • OMG hope this is it hun!!!! *flings babydust all over princessmimi* xx
  • Hi hun

    I have been using the one step midstream test strips from ebay since wed night and they all have very faint pink lines on but they are barely visible and I got my BFP this morning on a morrisons predictor test.

    I just wanted to reassure you because I thought I was going bonkers but have done 8 ebay tests, 4 FRER and 1 predictor and apart from the predictor the others had v.v. faint lines on.

    Good luck hun and hope you are joining DIF

  • Hi hun

    Here is a pic of my ebay cheapie as you can see there is barely a line but you can make out something on it. I have been told the lines on these barely get darker hun by others on here.

    Fingers crossed for you

  • Princessmimi - I come on ere from other site to see if you've posted and I see this - wohoo - I cannot believe how calm you are being!! Massive congrats hun!! Are you going to announce on other site?xxx
  • Sparkling diamond you've really made me feel lots more hopeful! Mine are exactly like that! Oh I don't want to wait for my SDs now I just want to know!! I'm scared as I had a CP last month so don't want to get to excited... I've got problems though so don't you worry! Thanks for all your support girls I'll keep you updated xxx
  • Congrats hun, it sounds more promising this morning! image
  • Eeeeek exciting! Hope this is it for you hun when are you expecting your SD test? x
  • She sent them last sat so hopefully they come tomorrow! Got a few of the eBay ones left so I can pee on them too haha

    MrsAd and Mrs Hobbes nice to see you! I posted last night when I thought it was a BFN, I'll have to go on and update the lovelies on there xxx
  • I saw that earlier - all the lovelies over there will be so chuffed for you sweets - you really really deserve it!! After all the probs with your cbfm as well - it just proves that it wasnt working properly after all! Good job you carried on with the all important bd'ing!!xxx
  • Thanks MrsAd, I daren't get my hopes up yet though! My CBFM is still saying high this morning :roll:

    How are you getting on?? xxx
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