Late Ovulation?

Hi ladies, I don't post very often in here, but was wondering if anyone knew anything about late OV? I have varying cycles, the last 4 being between 25 and 27 days, but have been known to be longer at around the 28-30 mark. I'm on CD27 today, and have not a hint of AF coming. The only change I have noticed over the last week is that my face has erupted with the ugliest spots I have ever had!

I had a pretty horrible Christmas and New Year with hubby - he just went all-out into party mode, and wasn't much fun to be around. After that he had some "man" issues, so we didn't BD at all until CD20 for me. I have been OVing around CD16 previously, but haven't been charting this last month, as we were taking a break to try to relax a bit about it all (been trying for 11 cycles now), so I have no idea when I OVd.

So, and I'll finally get to my point (!), is it possible that I have OVd late due to all the stress over Christmas and NY? If so, then maybe, just maybe we did it at the right time. Or maybe AF is just going to muck me around AGAIN!

Whaddya think?


  • Ah but, what if I OVd on CD20? Just by some strange chance of fate? :P
  • My cycles started off pretty random (after coming off the Depo Injection), then settled to 30-31 days.
    I've then had a random 37 day cycle in Sept, two 31's in a row and I'm currently on CD35 with BFN's but no sign of AF.
    My problem is I'm not sure when I actually OV - I try the POAS each month but I've never actually had a positive with them. I am not very good at testing every day though so I'm either missing them or not OV'ing at all.
    Anyway - going on a bit there - you could have OV'd late due to stress or equally AF could be late for the same reason. Or it could be your body playing games with you.

    There seems to really be no hard or fast rules in all of this - when you read the posts - people seem to get pregnant in the weirdest ways image

    Good luck though
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