What is the SMEP - hope not a daft question!

Good morning all,

I've been reading quite a few posts of you ladies mentioning the SMEP - can someone please give me more details?


  • It's not a daft question at all! I copied this from a SMEP post a while ago,

    "Try" every other night starting Day 8 ???????
    Buy 10 ovulation predictor kit sticks ???????
    Begin ovulation testing on Day 10 ???????
    When test is positive, "try" that night, plus two additional nights in a row ???????Skip one night, then do one last "try" ???????
    Take a home pregnancy test 15 days after your ovulation test was positive, if your period has not begun ???????
    If your ovulation test never goes positive, continue "trying" every other night until Day 35, then do a pregnancy test if your period has not begun. ???????Statistics coming in from the bulletin board show that about 40% of post-miscarriage women will get pregnant on the first try if they are faithful to the plan, about double the number of the normal population who are not on the plan. This assumes, of course, that you waited for a normal cycle to begin after your loss, and did not begin trying before having a period after a miscarriage. Many women do not ovulate in that first cycle.

    Good luck! xx
  • Thank you MrsR!
    I'm in the first month of ttc #2 so won't be using the opks but will give the rest a go!
  • it worked for us this month, 6th month of trying so I think it made a difference. Good luck x
  • I am trying it this month .. well im trying to BD as often as possible. Hope it helps this month
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