twinges, aches and pains

Hi girls,

Since cd10 I have been getting twinges and aches in lower abdomen every day and sometimes Ive had a shooting pain. Sometimes its on the left and other times its on the right. Really dont know what it could be as had blood tests to check my hormones and came back normal. I also have an awful lot of ewcm. I have tried ignoring it but am still aware so definatly not in my head.

Anyone else getting this or know what it could be?

Any advise would be great, thanks in advance

fiona x x:\)


  • I've always wondered what each twinge I feel is and what is happening in my body. I wish there was some form of directory which you could look up for this. I assume you are close to ov.

    I'm on cd 24 and had a jabbing ache on my right hand side today, and had af feelings last night. The two feelings were completely different and I just wish I had a microscope to look inside.

    Sorry if I am mad.
  • Im on cd23 not sure if I have already OV as when I got this feeling on cd10 thought that was ov but never stopped x
  • Hopefully it is implantation pains for both of us.
  • Hi fiona86,

    Im only on CD13 (as far as I can tell, AF all over the place) but I had really bad sharp shooting pains on my left hand side which went after an hr! v odd made me feel sick. The otha morning I had a kind of wierd metal taste in my mouth too - I cant be PG yet! I just want it SO bad that I fink my bod is playing tricks on me, or my body is getting used to me coming off the pill.

  • hi fiona dont want get ya hopes up but when i was pregnant i had lots sharp pains tummy pains and watery cm. good luck.
  • thanks for your replys, no matter what you say i wont get my hopes up because every time i do i get bfn and af and feel so disappionted and silly for thinking i could be pg. i cant imagine ever getting a bfp again, I know it will even if it takes months but being in month 6 makes me feel impossible.
    im getting very confused with ewcm, dont know if its because im fertile or im pg. only time will tell i suppose x
  • Hi fiona86. I left a thread for you asking about your blood test. Glad it came back ok.
    You answered my thread about pains. Up until today I was feeling twinges and a mild af pain on and off. Not sure when af is due, as just come off the pill, but today is cd 27. Was regular when came off it before for a while. I really don't think I'm pg, as only first month of trying, and wasn't sure had even ov, let alone when it was due!
    I remember you're holding off on testing. Sending luck and baby dust. x
  • Yes definatly going to hold off testing as long as I can no matter how tempted I am (like right now, cb sitting in cabinet gathering dust). Im glad my blood tests came back normal but I wanted an answer to why I have made hormones?!
    Thankyou, sending you luck and baby dust too x
  • It's such a frustrating time ttc, as well as being exciting. There's mixed emotions all over the place! People who don't want a baby seem to get pregnant all the time! PMA....! xx

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