help! I'm trying not to POAS!!!!!!!!!!

OMG! this is difficult! Af due nxt monday, been having symptons - nausea, dizziness, tired (in a way that I could nap in the afternoon), huge (.)(.)! which are now tender and sore especially close to the arm pit area and a stabbing pain in my right nip! Feeling wet (TMI) , metalic taste, off tea & coffee, anything milk based, can't taste much! pain in my lower right side (had since OV)and just a feeling of strangeness.....sooooooo I was going to POAS on Saturday, do u think that is too soon? I really want to do it now though!!!!!!!!!!! AGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Offically lost my mind...........:\) image :lol: image :\( image :\?


  • Hi Star27 - All sounding very hopeful, just to let you know I got my BFP on a CBD on cd 22!!!

    If its a BFN, then you can just says its too early and test again in a few days...

    Hope this helps...

    Sara x
  • i would always say better to wait and test but sat is only 2 days before af so should be fine! but remember if its bfn could just be early!!!

    Good luck honey!
  • Oh thanks ladies! Really trying to hold out! but may have a go and if its a BFN then I know its too early! Aghhh!!!!
    I'm losing my mind! Did something rather embarrassing yesterday...had an appt in Benefit for my brows etc, but I couldn't remember the time (sooo not like me!) so I went in checked the time and then I arrived an hour early! Was sooo embarrassed as I'd already been in to confirm the time! that is so out of character for me, told dh last night about it and he suggested I didn't leave the house for the next 9 months just incase! LOL!!!!xxx
  • He,He, how funny star27, it sounds good, keeping everything crossed for you. xx
  • Everything crossed for you, If you can wait til later in the week I would do, a bfn would be so disapointing!!x
  • I'm going insane! ok....better do some work...I have parents to call. Speak later
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