Anyone testing this coming weekend?

Anyone testing this weekend?

I am planning on testing Saturday. (see my previous post to see my history for this month).

I am almost convinced I am pg ( setting myself up for a hard reality check if I am not). This not knowing is so horrible : (

Ah well - I am going to Egypt on Sunday - so if this is a BFP I can celebrate on holiday, if not - I can enjoy all the cocktails on holiday ! lol !


  • hi. Haven't posted in here before because me and dh haven't really been ttc till this month. But have been noseying for a while at all your lovely ladies posts image i will be due to test from sun (my cycles range from 28-31days) but i might wait till wed to see if af has turned up by then. This will be our 4th lo when we get our bfp image
  • I like your plan Stace! I'm trying to hold out until Sat when I'll be 15DPO and like you I keep convincing myself that I'm pregnant. Fingers crossed we'll soon be chatting on DIN! image
  • Hi Stace
    im due 2 test on sunday dnt feel like weve got anywhere again this month good luck ladies xx
  • Hi Stace, Im also due to test on Saturday. Thats if AF doesnt show up tomorrow or wednesday!
    Ive had ov/af pains since ov and nipples have been a bit sore but dont want to read too much into it in case its all in my head!
  • I'm due to test a week tomorrow but I may cave by Sat/Sun
  • Hi Stace, I also am gonna test this weekend coming. I was going to do it sunday but might give in and test saturday. Like Jay that will be the case providing AF doesn't show up. I also have been having real AF like pains. Every morning I wake up I think its arrived. I have no other syptoms so I very much doubt it will be bfp. But you always hope I guess.
    Last month I tested only AF to arrive two hours later. What a waste of the test..
    Good luck to all of you! xxx
  • Hi Stace

    I too am testing on saturday will be 13dpo I think. I have bought some FR tests as BOGOF in Boots still so I have 4, am determined not to poas any earlier than sat to waste tests because I wont be able to keep on buying tests!!

    TTC costs a small fortune! Good luck hun xx
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