Anyone else in a similar situation???

Hi everyone! I thought i'd finally join and share this nightmare 2WW with others in the same situation... it's driving me crazy!! Anyway, a little bit about me.. I'm 39 and my partner and I are trying to conceive by home insemination with a donor. This is our 5th attempt and my AF is due tomorrow....image It's great reading everone elses posts as it make me realise that I'm not the only one that reacts to every single change in my body during these awful two weeks!!! My partner is so supportive but it's so nice to talk to others who are in the same boat!! So, anyone else in their late 30s/early 40s TTC for the first time or TTC through using a donor?? would be great to have a chat! Giood luck to you all and let's hope AF stays away image


  • Hi Rusky, sorry not in the same boat as you but didnt want to read and run x

    Good luck with ttc xx
  • Hi Rusky, I'm in a similar position to you - I'm also 39, TTC for the first time with a donor, but I am single, having broke up with my partner last June. I WAS on 2WW, due on tomorrow but AF came today, so back to the drawing board...or syringe, lol!

    Good luck, hope she stays away for you! xx
  • Hi Tjm,

    Oh no, sorry to hear that!! seems like we're in exactly the same situation then, i'm also due on tomorrow.. sitting here tonight thinking that it's starting to feel like she's on her way!!!! image( how long have you been trying? hope you don't mind me asking but how many times are you able to try each cycle? love the syringe joke!! but that's exactly what you have to do otherwise we'd go mad!! be really good to chat! x
  • Thanks Jay.. you too! x
  • This is only my first cycle ttc, decided to come off the pill (I have endometriosis) New years eve as I'm not getting any younger and can't afford to wait for "Mr Right" to come along, so decided to look for "Mr Donate" instead and go it alone!

    Of course I don't mind you asking! My donor was able to give me 2 samples, one in the evening and the other the next morning, but it's complicated as he lives in W London and I live in Kent, so I had to go to a hotel for the night (I work in W London), but I don't thnk my finances will stand too many W London hotel visits! Don't want to be eating into the baby budget...I can't wait to start shopping for the bean! If I could sleep at work (where I am now as I can't get internet at home at the moment) it would be ideal but don't think my work colleagues would be very impressed...hehe
  • i can imagine!!!! we're lucky in that our donor comes to the house, does his thing then leaves... this month we tried twice too, the 4 previous months was just once! it's a nightmare though being reliant on someone t help in this way... i live with the constant fear the he's going to say he can't continue even though he sayd he's commited to us and understands it may take longer given my age!!! wish i hadn't left it so long!!! i did my FSH levelos test last month and had a level of 4.5 which i think is pretty good for my age so fingers crossed i'm still poping ripe eggs!!!!
  • Hi and good luck to you both!

    'hjanea' is also trying with a donor so it might be good to try and get her into the loop too! x
  • You are lucky he comes to your home, but doesn't it feel a bit weird? It feels a bit seedy in a hotel room, mind, so not sure now what is better (he does the sample at home, btw, then walks up to the hotel where I wait).

    I know just how you feel though, even though it's only 1st cycle trying I feel a bit of a failure now (even though I wasn't expecting it to work first time, I'm never that lucky), and am expecting him to say he can't do it again, although I have no reason to think this way, I'm just paranoid and VERY grateful that he has agreed to do it in the first place. Such a gift...

    It hadn't crossed my mind to do any testing, I must see if I can organise an FSH for myself (I work in a hospital!!) Fingers crossed we are both still ripe! If only I had thought of this 10 years ago, I might not have wasted my time on the useless git that is my ex lol!
  • Thanks goonie, I will look out for her on the forum.

    *hugs* xx
  • i know what you mean and the very first time i thought i was going to freak out. But he arrives, we have a nice chat about what we've been up to etc etc and then he just calmly gets up and goes off the the bathroom.. then he pops his head round the lounge door and says good luck, talk next month if it doesn't work. He's so "proffessionl". it doesn't feel weird at all now! It is the best gift you can give anyone.. we're so very very grateful to him. we thought about a hotel room first of all but once we met him we felt really comfortable to have him in our home. Fingers crossed it works soon!!! i'm already in the mind set that it hasn't worked this month even though i'm not due until tomorrow.. i'm regular as clockwork though so by this time tomorrow night we'll know!! I wish I'd tried years ago too... i also spent many many years with someone who i shouldn't have.. thank goodness i met my partner, we are both longing for children!!! fingers crossed for you next month! which OPKs do you use?
  • Aw, both your OH and your donor sound great! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow!

    I'm using 2 differnet types, some basic hospital ones (I can't remember whre I got them from though, damn my senior moments) which are just a tiny strip with a green end (like a glucose dipstick but smaller) and I bought a pack of FR just to compare/double check, which are ok. They both showed up the LH surge on the same test (surged for 4 days though!), so I'm happy with them. How about you?
  • same as you! using the FR ones just to make sure.. I have a tiny window of time when i surge, usually only get one positive test then it's gone!!! we're also doing the whole checking of the cervix etc.. it's like a bloody military operation every month!! i'll let you know if the dreaded witch turns up tomorrow!!!
  • Aw, you poor chick! I have a long vaginal canal so checking my cervix prob wouldn't be ideal for me, would need fingers almost as long as Edward scissorhands (ouch!) hehe!!!

    Can't come on here tomorrow night as I'm on a course but will check in on Friday evening - good luck & babydust to you! I'll try and set up my email button so you can mail me if you like.
    I'd better be shuffling off home now, it takes me 2 hours so I'll be like a zombie tomorrow, won't learn anything lol!

    I'll be thinking of you! G'night ! *hugs* xx
  • thanks!! i'll drop you a mail! be good to have a "buddy" along the way :O) safe journey home! x
  • Thanks, hope she doesn't show up tomorrow - fingers and legs crossed lol!

    Look forward to your mail XX
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