Where are the all the relaxed ttc'ers??!!!

Good Morning All,

I was just wondering where the group of relaxed ttc'ers have gone???? I havent been on her much (as part of my attempt to realx this month!!!) and was just wondering where you all are and how you are doing? Just a quick update from me: Im on cd9 today and starting to get a few signs that OV is on its way. Still trying to relax, not being so rigid with diet, no bbt and no cbfm. Hubby and I are away next weekend in Bath so really looking forward to that (think thats when I will OV too so we should be very chilled). Hope you are all ok.

Liz x


  • Morning Liz, we are so relaxed, we must be avoiding BE! Lol. Im on CD18, think I OV'd mid/end of this week, but will carry on BD on alternate days for a bit longer!

    Have a good time in Bath, I hear its a lovely city

  • ooo hiya guys! im a relxed ttc'er, i have no clue what cd i am on lol, trying not to count, and just go with the flow? im hoping it works? hope ur both doing well, bath sounds lovely, and hope we get our bfp's soon image thanks for starting a thread about this will be good to chat with others that are trying to chill out about ttc.

  • hello,

    yes im hoping the relaxed approach works, fingers crossed!!

    How long have you both been ttc? Its only our 2nd month, and its driving me demented already, ha ha!!

  • hi can i join? i would say we are pretty relaxed about it. i dont count days or know when i ov, although i did look up on internet to see roughly when it would be. we are just bding every other day or so, and hoping for the best. only the first month, so pretty relaxed so far but i know if it gets to be a few months longer i dint think ill be able to stay so relaxed about it!
    baby dust to all xx
  • haha lozzy me too! lol, we have been trying 5 months, the first was relaxed, the next 3 were operation baby lol. and really like we must bd these days etc etc, and its just didnt flow and i think hubby felt a bit under pressur bless him, so we hae started to relax and nt count cd's or inspect cm lol an just go with the flow, im really hoping it works!

    hiya lauragcam i think thats the best way tbh. otherwise it just gets sooo stressful! xxxx
  • Hi all (and hello again mrs*me* from the insane thread!)

    I have also been so relaxed I have not been on here as much, haha! I think staying away for a couple of days at a time has done me the world of good actually and helped me to be a bit less obsessed this month (month 5).

    mrs*me* you have basically described my first 4 months of TTC and I am staying relaxed and not counting days etc. this month for exactly the same reasons as you.

    I'm in the first half of my 2ww now (I get clear ov symptoms so can't help knowing when I ov and as a result having some awareness of where I am in my cycle). But I am definitely not counting days this month (other than to know when AF is due) as it was stressing me out!

    I must admit I have been symptom spotting a bit though (naughty!) I've had slightly sore / sensitive nipples since the day after I think I ov'd. This has never happened before but it is so slight I don't really know whether I am imagining it! I am trying to stay very chilled though and not wonder too much what it means. But I do hope AF stays away! It's my hubby's birthday on the 3rd and if AF hasn't come by them she will be a day or two late. A BFP would be a pretty good present for him!

    Relaxed and happy sprinklings of babydust all round! xxx
  • lol tilty, i agree, it was sending me crazy! lol.awww birthday bfp would be fab! lets hope for the best image good luck xxxx
  • Hay lizzy i haven't seen you posting i was hoping you were hiding your bfp....

    Good Luck this month and hoping all the relaxing is helping xxx

    and *******babydust*******

    gembags xx
  • Hi Gem bags!!!
    How lovely to hear from you. How are you and bump??
    Unfortunately Im not hiding a BFP but hoping it wont be long!!!! Havent been on here for a while as ttc was getting a bit too much. Got appt with fertilty consultant on 13th july and gp has put referral in for Gynae so fingers crossed we will get there one way or another. xx
  • hay im good bumps growing sickness is mad but so worth it image 16wks 2day x still worried i will lose bubba but i have to get on with it all x

    Can't believe your not hiding your bfp lol..... Glad your getting there and getting help..... I hope you get your BFP just before your appt xxx
  • Can sort of see your bump in your pic!!! Cant believe you are 16 weeks already, where has the time gone!!
    I hope that we get bfp before appt too, only got 3 weeks to go so better get bd'ing!!!! Lovely to hear from you. Keep in touch. xxx
  • thought i would bump the thread up! Hope everyone is ok and remaining relaxed!! Now im into the 2ww, im trying hard not to start symptom spotting!! Someone slap me please!!

  • hello can I join in? I'm so relaxed ttc no. 2 that this is my first post in ttc this time round, I was obsessed last time.

    only came off pill last month and so far I kind of know where I am in my cycle etc but we're not buying any preg tests or anyhting, taking folic + and not drinking but think that just sensible.

    I feel so chilled and its great
  • OK I tried relaxing for this last cycle and now I'm all wound up as it didn't work and I'm fed up. i'm not quite back to temping but I will be doing opk's this month now, along with pre-seed and smep!! So much for the relaxing hey image I found it just as stressful at the end of the 2ww on this cycle than I did with the others in fact possibly more so as I really wasn't sure when I ov'd and if we even bd'd at the right time so for me it made it worse. Good luck girls - back to all the tools and gadgets for me image

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