Don't think I'm ov'ing

Hi there. I know this is going to sound silly but I don't think I'm ov'ing this month. Reasons why I think this is usually have loads of ewcm (sorry tmi) and I has a litle bit yesterday and now none and I had a couple of ov sticks left from a few months back and on day twelve which I'm on I had a faint line, not as strong as contol but you could see the line. Day thirteen and fourteen were stronger but on day twelve you could see it. Well I'm on day twelve and nothing at all. Not even a dot of a line. Could this happen where you just stop ov'ing? Or am I just worrying?

Help! X

Been loosley doing temps too and no matter what time I do them they are always the same x

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  • I used to get +ve OPK on CD13 and OVed on 15. But then stopped testing. This cycle i got +ve on CD17 and OVed at 18.
    So dont worry image It changes. But if u ovulate late, ur AF will be due later
  • I'm no expert but have read that it is possible to have a cycle where you just don't ovulate for some reason, and that it is not a problem (in health terms I mean - obviously it is a problem for getting pg that month). But hopefully as Rhiam said you're just ov-ing a bit later this month.

    I wouldn't worry based on the line on the ov sticks, as last month I had a noticeable line for a couple of days before I got my +ve, whereas this month only got a very slightly darker line the day before the positive. I think it must vary slightly from month to month exactly how the LH behaves.

    Good luck and try not to worry (easier said than done I know) as you may well just be having a slightly longer cycle this month. xx
  • Thank you girls, I worry about so much. he he. If AF comes this month then I'm going to docs as I think with my age I don't want to leave things too long.

    Thank you

    V xxx
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