in a really good mood!!!

Hey all, just wanted to share with you all how good i am feeling today!!!

woke up with a smile on my face and i've no idea where it came from or why it doesn't seem to want to go away!!!image

not ttc this mth, so just relaxing and trying to not think about it!!

want to spread my happiness around with everyone whos not having a great day!!!


heres to a great day and a greater weekend!!! hope the weater is as nice as its meant to be!!!



  • that's a lovely message!!! glad to hear you are feeling good and positive!!!
    i hope it is catching image
  • I hope its catching too cos I think I may ov today and donor is on standby. Hope you have a lovely relaxing month!!xx
  • I really needed this message as I not only feel hung over but very low today. i am so pleased you are happy you keep that smile up.

    Can I just ask why you are not trying this month?
  • i start a new job on the 23rd June, so holding off so that i'm in my new job when i fall pg, so that i get SMP!

    i'm also hoping if i take a mth off and relax it might help level out my cycle which is all over the place last cycle lasted 50 days!!! and my SIL is giving me reflexology to try and help with this as well!!

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