Confused with DPO and symptons....

Hi girls,

I am in month 2 of TTC had AF on the 19th Jan and I think I ovulated on either Saturday 30th Jan or around 1st Feb (both days I had + lines on ovulation sticks) v v confusing!!

However for the past few days I have had lower back pain and AF cramps more or less all the time. Is this normal?? I think I would be either 9 or 7 days post ovulation so if something was there would I be getting these symptons?? I am also quite bloated, do you think these are good signs or all in my head? We did BD before and after ovulation so hoping it could be good news.......

Thanks for reading and any advice would be really appreciated x xx x :\)


  • im exactly the same, i feel so bloated, like i couldnt even breathe in its so bloated!!

    Im getting twingey feelings in my lower stomach, but thats all not sore (.)(.) or anything else!

    so i hope its good symptoms!!

    x x x
  • Hi Mrs Dug, I'm certainly no expert but I would say that it is possible that what you're experiencing could be symptoms-I think implantation can happen after about 6 days after ovulation. Fingers crossed for you-your symptoms seem good to me!xx
  • Thank you ladies for your quick replies.
    I hope it is implantation, but dont you need to have a show for that?
    I have 3 tests and I am dieing to do 1 but dont want to as it will be to early to tell and its awful when its a BFN.......I am slightly obsessed at the moment. How far into your cycles are you ladies? x xx x
  • HomeFairy I forgot to add I do not have sore (.) (.) either, so hopefully the AF cramps are + for both of us!!!! x xx x
  • I don't think its too early for you to be getting symptoms, and what you are having seem like pretty good ones!!
    I would say try and hold off doing the tests at the moment-though believe me, I know its easier said than done!! If you test too early theres a risk of having whats known as a chemical pregnancy where you can get a positive early on but then your AF still shows up as the bean hasn't implanted properly.
    I'm currently on 9DPO and Im having slight cramps in my lower tummy, like mild AF pains-can't wait to test, but am gonna try and wait til sunday!xxx
  • I think I will resist and test on Sunday as well, your symptons sound good Paddington fingers crossed hey for valentine BFP's x xx x
  • Mrs Dug, i wouldnt test early though i know how hard it is.

    My hubby is scared it would be a chem preg so im not even allowed to test on Valentines Day as thats when AF would be due!!!Boo, i know he's only looking out for me though.

    Lots and lots of sticky baby dust to you.

    x x x
  • Hi Mrs Dug

    I'm the exact same dates as you, we BD'd before but not after as hubby wasn't well. I've been feeling really off the last couple of days and today my lower back is achey which is very unusual. (.)(.) aren't sore really I don't think but saying that I had a breast reduction so I don't get lots of feelings there anyway.

    Lets all hope they are all good signs. I'm dying to test too, think I'll do it on Valentines day (will have to buy some more tests though as used the others last month about 5 mins before AF showed up image )

    Anyway, enough of my rambling. Which tests are the most sensitive?

    Lots of sticky baby dust to you all.

    Thank you

    V xxx
  • Hi All

    Just wanted to jump on here and say I have been having mild AF cramps and slightly sore boobs round the sides. I went a little dizzy yesterday and am knackered ! I think I am 5 DPO, so it could be !!

    I don't know when I am due on as first month off pill, so will just wait and see ! CD 28 will be Saturday, so was thinking of testing on Sunday. Still might be too soon though, but we'll see !
  • Hi Trixy we are cycle buddies!!
    So are you due on on Tuesday 16th? I think I will test on Sunday and the most sensitive tests are FR I think from what everyone else says on the forum.

    Today Ive not had pains at all just a little bit of CM this morning, Hi Stace your cycle also seems similar to mine, I hope all these symptons are good luck!!!!

    Any other symptons today?? x xx x
  • Hi girls, any updates??

    I have AF pains again.....its so confusing!!!
    x xx x

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  • GC from pregnancy but just wanted to say that you don't have to have any kind of show to have implantation, I didn't have anything - and to be honest I didn't have any symptoms that would suggest a BFP either. I had AF pains for the first week or two after getting my BFP too.

    Kat x
  • Hi Kat,
    Thanks for the info, congratulations on your BFP have a H&H pregnancy x xx x
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