What the Hell is up with my cycle !!


I'm so frustrated !! Just when I thought my cycles were finally becoming normal they've gone all loopy again !

I've gone from a 37/40 day cycle to a really random 96 day cycle, then back to a 37 days cycle and now i'm on day 42 and still no sign !!

Had spotting on day 37 so thought af was here but NOPE ! Taken 3 pg tests and all BFN !

Just got this permanant feeling in my utererus like AF is round the corner but no sign, nadda, nothing !

It is SERIOUSLY starting to drive me around the twist !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :x

And to top it all off i'm currently at home poorly with a cold, and my stupid labryinthitus ! Got doctors ar 3.10 today for that.

Seriously i'm loosing my mind all I want is if I cant get a bfp to at least have a nice regular period !!!!


  • Oh MrsWeir, sorry your not having a very good time at the mo, i can totally sympathise. Hope you are feeling better soon and the witch finally arrives so you can get bding again.
  • Awwww, poor you Mrs weir, its so not fair when our bodies do this to us!! How long have been ttc and have you been to docs? (sorry i forget where everyone is) Ttc is hard enough with regular cycles so god knows how you cope when they are all over the place. I hope things settle down again for you hun and that your bfp is just around the corner. Sending you a cyber hug. xxxx
  • i've been ttc since october, feels like years though ! havent been to the docs about it, tried ov sticks this month but never got a positive on them !

    Just so frustrated !
  • I think id make a docs apt hun, it cant hurt just to see what they suggest. I dont know how reliable ov sticks are but im sure doc could do a blood test to see if you are ov, at least that would be a start. good luck hun xxx
  • You poor thing. I have had labryinthitus and it is totally vile.

    Do you think illness might be upsetting your cycle? I hope it all settles down x
  • Labryinthitus is horrid!! I sooo sympathise with you!! I had 3 spells of it a couple of years ago. It could be this that has messed cycle up? If you are PG maybe there isn't enough HCG to show yet? my cousins didn't show on stick until she was 8wks gone!
  • its so annoying!!! I am on day 45 now and no sign- its so hard to know whats going on!! Hope i don't get to 96!
  • God I know how you're feeling. I'm on day 91 today. Took yet another test this morning and BFN image not that I was really expecting anything else but you can live in hope! Can't believe I've been already been trying for 5 months and not yet ovulated. As Debbiemc says it's no easy ride with regular cycles but without that it can just feel so hopeless image sorry should have been sending PMA but just caught up in my own misery there!
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