getting hacked off with these darn cramps!!!

as the title suggests, i am getting pretty narked at my cramps!
i have been getting them every single day for about 10 days (maybe longer) and they really hurt!
its sometimes in the back/kidney region, sometimes its the front and sometimes - like now, its the front AND tops of my legs.
sometimes, like last night - they are so strong, i think AF has arrived and keep having to check.

i just wish she would hurry up if she's coming and if she's not, i want to cramps to go away!!!!!!!!!
what on earth did the pill do to our bodies to react like this when you stop them!!!!



  • Sounds stupid but have you tested??because I had and still do have horrible cramps and I got my bfp this morning! It could be your little bean bedding down for nine months!!

    E x
  • Ive had cramps since 6dpo and im due today. Doesn't it just do your head in? why can't af just come or not? why all the hanging round guessing, im spending more time in the loo checking than doing anything else
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