Spotting.......IB or AF?

Another question for you lovely lot. Started getting a brown discharge friday eve and it has continued yest but only when wiped then today it's been a bit on a liner and when wiping and feels much wetter. I'm inclined to think it might be AF coming but i'm only 10 DPO today so would be quite early. Got a BFN yesterday. Do you think it's implantation bleed? Or could it be breakthrough spotting or does it mean AF is on it's way? Be honest with me, i can take it, lol!!!



  • If you are regular I would say its IB. Do you usually spot before full flow? The fact it is watering down would suggest its stopping and now mixing with CM. Increased CM is a very good sign.
    I dont want to get your hopes up as I have seen so many hopes getting dashed the past day or 2.

    Lots of luck hun xxx
  • Hi Wispa,

    Last month I had a little brown discharge about 2-3 days prior to af, and was quite excited as had never noted this before- alas af turned up. Grr, body playing tricks on me!

    I hope this isnt the case for you, good luck

  • Thanks so much for your comment babylove. Don't normally spot before AF but only 2nd cycle off pill so haven't really got a good idea of my natural cycles yet. So guess there's no way of telling really. thanks for luck, fingers crossed
  • Hi lozzy. That sounds much more like it is. I'm thinking thats whats going to happen. Prob just body gearing up for AF. Really convinced myself we would be having an april bean, grrrrrrrr. Thanks for your experirnce
  • Fingers crossed, not over till the fat lady sings!! I know what you mean, last month I had convinced myself!
  • Hi Wispa

    I am exactly the same, woke up fri to find pale pink on tissue. Put a panty liner on and went to work. Each time i went for wee pink or light brown on tissue but none on pad. This happened on and off Sat am too. I have never had spotting before a period before, always full on flow from the minute i wake up. I am not due af for a couple of days but have had sore boobs for at least a week. Decided to do a test, as feeling a bit off - one of those 10miu early detection ones and got a BFP! This was done about 4pm today and have done another 3 since, all positive, so sounds like you might be heading for the same? image

    I am going to do another with tomorrows first wee, as can't quite believe it!


    Fingers crossed!
  • hey wispa,

    ive also had this for the last couple of days and today it turned into AF, sorry hunni dont wanna put a downer on how u feel but wanted to share my own experience.
    I know exactly how ur feeling.

  • Huge congratulations cupcake! that's amazing a BFP. My spotting is actually dark brown and another for a liner unfortunately so thinking i'm gonna be with kels124 and AF is gonna be winging her way to me soon image
    Thanks for experiences tho, good to hear both sides
  • Unfortunately, AF reared her very ugly head last night. Onto a CBFM month tho, could this one be the one?!
  • Oh wispa, im so sorry to hear that the witch found you! I was just about to say that i had some pinkish/brown cm yesterday (cd7) when wiping, im not due on for 5days but ive convinced myself AF is just around the corner!! Good luck for next month, cbfms are fab! xxx
  • awh wispa, so sorry she got u image im also first month of cbfm image xxx
  • Oh sorry to hear that she found you Wispa.. you're not far behind me again (I think I'm CD6?!) Hopefully this will be our month..
  • Oh sorry to hear that she found you Wispa.. you're not far behind me again (I think I'm CD6?!) Hopefully this will be our month..
  • oh no how rubbish, good luck with the CBFM worked for us last time x
  • Thanks for your lovely comments. good to hear positives about CBFM, went and bought some batteries for it today.

    MrsEh, glad we're going through cycle together again. This will be our month!!! What are you doing this month? Did you say you wanted to take a more natural take on it or are you SMEPing again?
    kels, we'll have to keep each other posted on our CBFM experiences
  • defo wispa, dunno bout u but im soooo excited bout turning it on and pressing m tomorrow image lol, it dont take much to keep me smiling image xx
  • me too!!! love a new gadget. How excited will we be to get our first high?! hehe xx
  • ha ha very image i found opk's sooooo confusing last month so really looking forward to knowing exactly when is the right time to bd image xxx
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