funny pains

me and hubbie have been bd evey other day and some times every day,im just coming off my ovulation i think and we have been doing this for 2 wks,not sue to test till 19th,but i do already have dull tum ache? mmmmmm,maybe just getting hopes up

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  • think it takes at least 7 days for implantation?
  • Maybe you are still ovulating? Keep BDing just in case! x
  • i may be still ovulating yeah, we are still BD anyways! just because hee hee. hubbie thinks im pregnant,but i lthink as you say i wouldnt reaaly have symptoms just yet,unless ovulated earlier,but dont think so as CM was around time i thought i was ovulating and thats been at the most the 2nd and may even still be ovulating now! as CM looked good last night. we are just BD every other day...although over weekend on my very fertile days we BD 2 days in row! oh yeah baby!!!!!!!

    i think im just to optimistic to the point of letting my imagination run away with me,but im scared too that if im not i will be really disspointed,but if im not optimistis it wont happen! arghhhhhhhhh:lol: i have to laugh at myself,you girls must think im mad ,only ttc 16 days or so!
  • well the tum pains have gone away,guess it was ovulation.
    depending on what site i put my cycle in i may have few days ovulation left,although im still going to bd every other day still i hope af doesnt come.
    how soon will i get symptoms if i am pregnant,i cant remember what happen last time. AF is suppose to be 19th if not pregnant.
  • Hi mrskc.

    You only ov for a day or so, but I've had pains on and off ever since came off pill at end of March! Very confusing!

    I think symptoms can show around 7dpo, that is if you can pinpoint when you were ov-ing.

    Hope you have managed it this month, if not it wasn't from lack of trying. lol.

    Keep up the PMA, and I'll send you some baby dust! xx
  • i think my peak time was between-2-5th of may,so fingers crossed.cheers hun!x
  • Keeps us posted on your 2ww and testing! xx
  • will do.x
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