AF still not here

but BFN! am 6 days late now and getting fed up. Tested yesterday so im def out. Just wish she would turn up so i can it out of the way and start again!!

How am i meant to know when im ovulating when i dont even know my cycles??? x


  • I'm the same boat - AF 3 days late today but have had 2 BFNs. It looks like it can take a while to show up for some people so don't give up - 6 days late is a very positive sign!!

    Are you using ov predictor tests - I used the CB digital ones and found them to be helpful - ovulated much later than I thought I did so gave us the best indicator of the right time.

    Good luck for your BFP!!
  • hi hun, i def think im not pregnant. I was 1 and a half weeks late last month. I came off the pill end march and think its my body still adjusting, Was hoping that as the months went on it would get nearer to my 28 days i had before x
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