EWCM - warning TMI coming up!!

Hi everyone
I have a question about EWCM, now I know what it is supposed to look like but what I need to know - is - where do you find it!?!! (feel free to laugh if this is obvious!) Do you just look at the discharge on your underwear OR do you actually have to get some off the cervix to examine!!!!!?????


  • Hi Mobo09
    I have noticed it when I have wiped after going to the toilet but I think you can get more of an idea by using fingers to check - sorry if tmi
    Hope this helps image
  • Thanks Mrs Ross - hopefully won't have to check next month (ie BFP before then hopefully!!) but thanks - it has been bugging me for a while now!
  • No worries - have only found out myself from the girls on here. Have always found that someone will be able to help answer questions you have. image
    How long have you been ttc?
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