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well this is not directed at any1 in particular it is just something i found useful, as we all no ttc is very emotionally challenging and i dont no about any1 else but sometimes i can find it hard to sit with my OH and tell him how i am feeling. so i decided to write him a letter and found it so much easier and he can read it when he gets home from work. it may sound silly but just wanted u all to no wat i found useful to express my feelings if any1 else was struggling. xxx

u will all be pleased to no i am gunna try and limit how many posts i put on here, i do far 2 many!! lol


  • Not as many as I do and nobody has complained yet image

    I must admit I do the same - I write e-mails to him but then never send them, but it helps calm me down. When I have needed to tell him something and found it hard to get out I've written it down for him. Gives him a chance to get his head round it as well. :\)
  • even things not to do with how your feeling about ttc 2 i suppose. thats it now im gunna go letter writing mad!!! xx
  • It's a good idea. I did the letter thing. I found in the past that the times when I wanted to speak about ttc and pcos was when I was feeling highling emotional and neurotic so then dh wasn't listening properly. I sat and wrote down a list of things that are confusing me and things that worry me but then also a list of my hopes to counter-balance it. I told him I'd written the list and left it in the spare room and when he felt the time was right for him he could then go and read it. It helped to talk about things rationally afterwards rather than having a hormonal rant xxx
  • i woldnt write a lettrer to my OH as we do talk about everything and in my eye were both TTC so we share all the burden but i have in the past wrote a letter to myself,how i was feeling about certain things,my gran dying etc and it help me to read over it,like i had a letter from someone who understood everything what i was going on about,feeling how i felt then i always feel better..i then put them away and come across them every now and again have a wee read

    can help on the post front tho as i post way too much
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