To test or not to test...?

Hello ladies!
Apologies if this has already been asked, but I haven't been on here for a few days.
I am due a visit from AF between Xmas and New Year, but obviously there is much festive spirit around this time of year and alcohol is always on the cards! I have quite a big night out planned on Xmas eve, should I do a pregnancy test in the morning to check that I am not preggers and so don't run the risk of harming a little bean? It is a bit of a long shot as this is my first month off the pill.
Any opinions would be greatly appreciated! x x x


  • Hi ruthie,

    Do you know how many dpo roughly you'll be on Xmas eve?, if it's not many then the likilyhood of a + is minimal even if you are pregnant. If you're 10 dpo+ I'd test, but remember not to get downheartend if it's a BFN as it may be too early.

  • Hi! I should be about 12 dpo, but that will be guess work as I am first month off the pill, but been having ovulation-type pains, so here's hoping my body is getting itself sorted out after so long on the pill.
    I blame hubby, he was all for me coming off the pill and "seeing what happens", but now I have become really aware of all my unhealthy habits!
  • well, even at 12dpo a BFN can easily be false so I think the safest thing you can do is to only have very little alcohol.
  • I say test, if only for your own peace of mind, but like Shuck says take it easy on the alcohol, just in case. Good luck xx
  • I'm in the same situation, im not due an af till just after christmas and its my first month off the pill, but i have been getting loads of pains and running to the loo all the time and eating like a pig, bloated and moody as well. i know all these signs can be from coming off the pill as well, but all my family have always fell pregnant straight after coming off the pill, so im unsure of what to do??? dont wanna get dis heartened too ealry and just before christmas too. help!!! xx
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