does anyone else...

have a hubby that works shifts?
this is our first month trying to concieve after a few months break, had only been trying two months before this though. since then hubby has a new job after facing redunancy, on a positive note he got a payrise so I could afford when we do have a baby to go back to work on less hours, however im concerned its going to affect us ttc as he works long shifts and nightshifts. today is cd 9 after a shorter cycle last month, we bd this morning but im concerned that im nights monday, he is nights thursday and friday and hoping we dont keep missing the opportunity. am I just being silly?


  • bless you hun xxxx
    im so glad there is someone else who thinks this too.
    hubby told me i was being silly x
    im a stay at home mum and work at weekends and hubby does shifts as a manager of a bowling ally, on a average week, im up at 6 am (bless my 2yr old little lady ) he stays in bed as he finished work at 3am and starts work at 1pm and that could be every day for a week!!! drives me crazy xxx
    when he finishes work im in bed sleeping and i have to be up in 3 hrs so he dares!!! wake me up lol x
    we are both so tired, or he works days and i work days and then anabel wants to stay awake during the night ( totallys ruins the moment )

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  • omg im glad someone else thinks the same, my hubby says im being silly too. he does 2 day shifts 7am-7pm with an hour commute either side then 2 night shifts 7pm-7am then 4 days off. i work as a manager in retail so work all sorts of shifts including weekends and am up at 5:30 most days so am shattered in the evenings. x
  • We do! OH works away mon - fri and I also work shifts so altho he's back I'm working ALL weekend image xxx
  • I so know this feeling, my oh works shifts too. 4 on 4 off, and on his 4 on i dont see him all as he works awayimage

    I worry so much....I'm 9dpo, and am really scared to test as next month i will only see my oh once during ovimage xxx
  • Hi,

    My OH works shifts too, 4 on and 4 off. We are only in our second month of trying and I think this time he will be working days when I ov. I'm already worried as we don't normally BD when he is on days as he gets up at 5.20am and is not home til 8.00pm and he is knackered. It's a bit easier when he works nights as I work from home and what we usually do is BD before he goes to bed (if he's not too tired!).
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