Irregular periods and TTC

Hello girls hope you are all well.
I am new to all this site, so hope you can help me.
Me and my OH are TTC been off the pill since beginning June, early days but the problem is i have a proper period every 10/11 days apart from making me very tired. What will be my chances for TTC?? When will i know when im OV?? Im so confused. My OH works 2 wks on 2 wks off so that is going to make TTC a little harder.


  • Hi welcome to the site.

    I think it would be a good idea for you to discuss ttc with your dr. For implantation to occur, it takes 7-12 days ish. So with an af every 10/11 days, I think this would be difficult.

    Your GP may be able to lengthen your cycle, to allow ov and time for a pg to occur.

    Usually the girls on here are trying to shorten cycles, not lengthen them! hth, let us know how you get on. xx :\)

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  • Hi, i agree with the above that you should see your dr. My cycles were the opposite and only had 1 period every 2 months. luck we started trying the day we got married and conceived 2 days it does happen.

    I'm not a doctor but you're probably feeling tired due to lack of iron as you're bleeding so often. I'd see them about that as a priority..they'll probably give you a blood test and then you can speak about trying for a baby.

    Hope that helps xx
  • i use to have this problem when i was a lot younger (13) so not ttc but i can vouch for the fact that the reason you are tired is because ur iron count will be low probably very low.

    I bleed consistantly for 6-8 weeks and was always very heavy this made me increadibly tired pale and made me loose a lot of weight(dropped from 7st to 5st)- i ended up being given a blood tranfusion and put on the pill to control my periods, and lots of iron pills.

    I'm not saying this is what they will do to you but its worth bearing in mind that with really short cycle and low iron it can get very serious.

    So its definatly worth discussing with your doctor sooner rather than later so that they can help you regulate ur periods. There are however some things you can do to help yourself and hopefully regulate ur cycle and give u more energy.

    Angus Castus will help to regulate ur cycle and can be bought from holland and barret.

    folic acid should be taken while ttc anyway but this will help with low iron, the doctor might perscribe something stonger if ur really low but be prepared that it will turn ur poo black (sorry tmi). U should also try to make sure ur diet contains iron rich foods like spinach, broccolli, liver guiness etc.

    Best of luck ttc honey.
  • Thanks for the advice girls i will go back to my GP and find out whats going on with my body.
    I was put on the pill at 16 to regulate me and now at 32 im coming off the pill to try for my first baby and im still not regular. Im getting married in Sept this year thought id try and get a head start trying our baby.
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