addiction to preg testing? really?

hey ladies. . . I wanted to no if i was the only fruit cake out t.ere
that loves the feeling of testing? . . Lol I test way to early all the time knowing
its too early. . Thinking they might be a sneaky one that got through
early lol. . Worst thing is sometimes when you start to convince
your self yes it really gut you. . I say right Im keeping away from the tests. .
This month and what do i do?. . Order a trillion off net lol. . O dear.
Please tell me Im not alone ha x x


  • Aww hon - you're not alone! I recently put a post on entitled 'step away from the hpts'.

    WHy is it when we know it is too early we don't quite believe it?

    My advice is not to buy anymore HPTs. I now only have 1 in the house and have sworn not to buy more until I need them. The theory is I won't waste money having bought 10 more if we get pg sooner.image
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