There everywhere you look !!!!

Morning all,

I have just found out that one of the girls out on the road is coming into our department as she is pregnant and needs to be doing light duties !!

Great ... just what I need at the moment.

Why is it everywhere you look there is something to remind you of what you haven't got.

I'm sure she will be lovely but I hope she doesn't sit with me coz I will just cry !! LOL

Sorry for whinge !!



  • what really does it for me are the ones who already have a baby so know how it happens who are surprised they're preg after having unprotected sex.... Grr! if only it was that easy for us! :lol:

    they are everywhere - pregnant people with lovely big bumps........ :cry:

    good luck at work hon
  • Good luck at work hun, like the others say hang on in there & it will be you soon too

    Take care xx
  • Maybe if I sit in her seat after she goes home I might fall pregnant? what do you think !!!!

    Talk about grasping at straws PMSL !!!!
  • I know how you feel, when I take my dd to toddlers there are always pg mums there and me and my friend are so jealous as we both really want another one and constantly talk about it. Then we see someone bring in there 5 day old and we go all mushy arrrwwwwwwwww x
  • I felt like this! So very very jealous of all the pregnant women walking past me, and I was surprised by just how many there were...

    Then I realised I was standing outside "Mothercare"
  • ahh i know it is sooo rubbish , we will get there , 3 of my friends are pregnant you cant help feeling a little bitter as much as your pleased for them xxx
  • I now know 7 (yes 7!!!!!) pregnant women. 6 are parents at the nursery and 1 is someone who I interviewed. there must be something in the water up here. I am genuinely happy for all of these people but sooooo jealous all the same. I know that our time will come and everyone will be looking at our bumps x x
  • oh its awful and you feel guilty for feeling jealous! But ur time will come ladies! I can't wait!!!
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