Do you think this is mad?? :lol:


My brother and sis in law have 2 kids and my nephew turns 2 next week, anyway to cut a long story short they have asked me if we would like first refusal on buying my nephews nursery range there is a cot bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, little bedside cabinet and they are also going to give me the dinosaur rocking horse.

My bro wants ??200 for it and I have to admit it is in mint condition and solid pine from argos all we would need is a mattress and bedding etc, now the furniture I have looked at so far when I have been browsing is ??500 plus so it would save us money aswell when the time comes.

We dont have to buy it now they are going to get my nephew a bed and new furniture in a few months time so they said they will store it for me in their spare room. My brother said we could have had it free but they want to build up my nephews bank account so I know he wont hold me for the money as I feel a bit stupid buying it now before I have a BFP!

Am I tempting fate? or should I be positive and grab a bargain? image

Every bit helps eh :lol:


  • If your Brother has the room to hold it for you then i would buy it, its just something i would do though. I dont think its bad luck to buy things before, esp as this is a special case. I only (although oddly) find it a bit 'tempting fate' about buying things too early on in a BFP.

    Oh anyway....long story short i would buy it.

    x x x
  • I would definitely buy it! I know a good bargain when I see one. And I know I will get that its money well spent. Besides i dont see it as tempting fate. I see it as having faith. xx
  • Buy it! With that sort of saving it would be silly not to. And HomeFairy I agree with you - it's only in the first 12 weeks of a BFP I would be reluctant to buy anything - but before hand wouldn't bother me!! Odd, huh? x
  • OMG buy it now. sounds like a bargain to me. considering cotbeds alone are about that price not inc the mattress. and its not unlucky at all or tempting fate. its good common sense :\)
  • Buy Buy Buy What a bargain! xx
  • Definitely buy it! If you're going to fall pregnant, it will happen whether or not there's some furniture in the spare room or not image
    I'm not sure about 'fate' myself. It seems to be one of those things people fall back on to try and explain unfortunate situations to comfort themselves. If you don't get a bfp straight away, it's not going to be because you bought some stuff early.
  • I would get it to...
    U will get ur BFP next cycle and then u will be needing it image

    gems xxxx
  • My bro and his lady have just had a baby (6 months old) and they are trying to give us all their stuff now ! lol ! I am waiting till bfp as I dont want to take it and put more pressure on myself.

    Up to you hun, that is a very good bargain ! lol ! xxxxxx
  • He He I know a good bargain when I see one, yeah my bro has said he will flat pack the cot and keep it in spare room my mam has also offered me her spare room.

    I will be storing everything at my parents until much nearer but I dont mind having little things, clothes, bibs, bottles etc in my own home. Nice to have things to look at I havent bought anything yet and am so tempted!

    My brother doesnt really want the money until when we are ready to pay for it so probably by time I come to buy it I will have a nice big fat bump!!

    Thanks for your replies xx
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