What to do with pets and babies?

Hi girls,

Have been thinking recently how my lovely dog, Alfie, is going to cope with a baby in the house. We've had him for five and a half years, he's a whippet and a mistreated rescue dog from Battersea. He has been our baby since we got him and is very clingy, particularly with me.

He has always slept in our bedroom, in his basket in the corner. When it's cold (sorry if this grosses you out!) he gets into bed and sleeps under the duvet down by my feet.

He has been really good with my nieces and nephews and has never shown any sign of aggression towards them (they are 4, 3 and 1). But neither does he notice them i.e. he doesn't play.

I don't want to push his nose out but he will need to know that he is at the bottom of the pile after a baby and wondering if anyone else has thought about this? Has had to deal with this?

PS - he's not very clever, bless him, and although completely obedient is practically untrainable!! He's not like most dogs, he can't be arsed whether he pleases you or not!! As long as he's got somewhere comfy to sleep then he's happy!!


  • i think its gonna be a bit of a nightmare. i have 2 very clingy cats who follow me everywhere (mummys girls!) and stratched my neice in the face- oh dear !
  • Hi girls, I have 2 3 year old rotties. Once again they are very clingy, and sleep on the bed.

    I have heard you can get a CD of a baby crying, to help get your pets used to that side of things. So I will definitely be searching for that when I get my bfp. I may have to start carrying a doll around or something, as my dogs also don't know any children! The girl seems wary, and the boy is just big and barks! Oh the joy of re-training! lol xx
  • I would start weening him off now. Start putting him to sleep downstairs. If you start making changes now he will not see the baby as taking over. We have a cat and he hates it when my 6 month old niece comes over. But he just goes and sleeps else where. When she is asleep we make sure we spend some time fussing over him too and he is fine x
  • we made as many changes as we could well before ollie was born - the stair gate went up as well as other things, and murphy went to a friends house while i was in hospital, and we sent some clothes over with the baby smell on them.
    When he came home he completely ignored me! and Ollie, and just went outside to play with daddy.

    he knows now when its play time, and is used to ollie but spends most of his time sitting upstairs away from him and safe.

  • I know what you all mean, i have a springer spaniel and two rotties. My spaniel is so possessive, she has to be near my side all day long. None of them sleep upstairs they all have there place but the spaniel doesn't even like me a dh cuddling on the sofa she comes and gets in between us!! Think the rotties will be fine as they are very docile and they seem to be friendly towards my godson.
  • hey, just thought id add to this post, i have a 14mth staffy and 5yr old black lab, the lab was a rescue and hates most other dogs normally trying to growl/bite them as i don't think he was socialised properly but he's an angel with children. my staffy is mega playful and boisterous but he has also been socailised with children a lot and has been perfect with them seeming to know he has to be more gentle, but i would never leave any child alone with any dog and i think you'd just have to keep a bit of an eye on the situation and suss it out. me and my 2 sisters have grown up with dogs and cats and all adored it, cuddling and playing with them, so i want my children to enjoy the same experience, a house is not a home without a dog or 2!! xxx
  • Hi MrsHopeful we have a 7 1/2 month old whippet!well he is quater bedlington so many would class him as a lurcher. We got him at 7wks 2days before new year when our daughter was coming up to her 2nd birthday on 21st jan.
    Our whippet is also very very attached and does not care if he pleases us or not. He does listen to most commands but he is sooo STUBBORN arrgghh. LOL.
    We had to buy him a cage to go in at night and when were out in the day because he distroyed my kitchen, i mean pulled off the door frames and ripped up the vinyl. So since having that he is much better. We still have the problem where he will HOWL and WHINE when we leave him he is far too attached and must really miss us. Even though he is knee height he wont let that stop him from climbing right on top of us if were are on the floor.
    I do wonder what he will be like when we have baby, he is great with dd and is not aggressive one bit, but with him still being a puppy I would definatly haveto keep an eye on him. think ill have my work cut out for me with a puppy, toddler and baby! xxxxx
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