Faint line help!

Ive been having a few symptoms so this morning i held my wee all night lol and tested, a very faint line came up after about 1 minute, it says u hav to wait for 3 minutes so i kept watching and the line was gettin a little darker but nothing like the line next to it. I tried to take a pic but i dont think you can make the line out on the picture, i dunno what to do im scared to get excited incase im not but ive tested before and never had faint lines. But i obsess over symptom spotting, the past week and a half ive been feeling faint and going dizzy, extreme mood swings (but not sure if thats just me lol), i also had a migrane and my nipples where changing colour (but they do that before period) im also on a night finding it hard to catch my breath, and ive been waking up at stupid o clock i nthe morning (not sure if thats a symptom tho) and my knickers (tmi sorry) are really wet with discharge but its clear and doesnt smell. Please help what do you guys think. thanx Danielle


  • a line is a line, you may just tested too early xx
  • When I first found out I was pregnant my BFP line was very feint. So decided to get one of the CBD tests as they are so much easier to use as they actually say whether you are or not. I got my CBD in the afternoon following the morning of testng and it picked it up then. So if I were you I would be off down te shops to buy a CBD.

    Congratulations Hun xx

    Maz x
  • i cant beleve it, im in shock. So happy im gunna go get one of those cb tests and check in the morning image hehehe
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