MC - back to ttc :-(

Long story but after 4 weeks of hell with suspected ectopic, hormone levels not rising properly, seeing heartbeat, then no heartbeat a week later.... I finally mc'd naturally on Mon night at 9 weeks. ERPC was booked for yesterday so my body recognised it in the nick of time.
As I had suspected right from the start that something was going to go wrong I'm feeling better than I thought. In a way I'm quite relieved that my body is started to recover and I can start to move on. (either that or it hasn't fully hit me yet) Got to go back for scan next week to check my womb is completely empty but I'm hoping the bleeding won't last long and we can get back to ttc asap.

Worried that pcos symptoms have started to rear their ugly head since I got pg as I became too relaxed about what I ate so am going to gp tomor to demand tests for pcos. Have started low GI diet again and am back on the Agnus Castus. The battle for another bfp is on and I will not give up without a fight! xx


  • I am so so sorry to hear this I really am, not really sure what to say but i am thinking of you. ((((( big hugs)))))

    k xx
  • Sorry for your sad loss Baby B. I too had natural mc 4 weeks ago. Im glad you are feeling positive about trying again tho, you sound very determined! Good luck with the scan next week. Take good care hun. Hopefully we will both be leaving ttc very soon! xxx
  • Hi Baby B. Really sorry to hear what you have been through. I hope you get a sticky bfp really soon. If you are ready then go for it! xx
  • bbybump4 - so sorry about your mc too. It's so hard isn't it. I think you replied to me on the MC forum. Do you mind me asking how long you bled for after natural mc? At the mo (tmi warning!) I am only bleeding when I go to loo. Not much is coming out on pad but when I pee it looks like I am peeing blood so much comes out and lots of clots too. Maybe it's just cos I am relaxing. Have you ov yet since mc?

    I am feeling v determined. But also terried. Hubby wants to wait one cycle before ttc again but I kind of feel that the only thing that is going to help me move on is another bfp. xxx
  • Oh honey i know how awful it is to mc and have to keep going back for scans etc, and i know that ur probably hurting (physically and emotionally) from the effects of the natural mc.

    Make sure u take time to heal and get to docs asap to get body back in order- thats the biggest mistake i made.

    Good luck honey, lots of babydust 4 when u ttc again!
  • aw so sorry hun, thinking of you lots of hugs xx
  • Hi Baby B, yes 'twas me. It is the most horrible thing to go thru, and 'course I dont mind you askingimage. I bled for just over a week, it was similar to you at first -worse when I went to the loo. Then it tapered off to similar to a light af. I had my second scan 2 weeks after the mc, and was told my womb was clear and to expect af 'anytime in the next 4 weeks', then started that night with brown spotting which then became red. it only lasted a day or so, so I put it down to the scanner pressing so hard and dislodging some 'leftover'.
    I had what I thought was ewcm on 4th June, and was made up! BD like crazy, then af started on the 5th!!!!
    I can totally relate to you wanting to ttc again straight away, thats exactly how I feel. Good luck xxx
  • I'm so sorry to hear this news.Big hugs honey.xxxx
  • Hi, so sorry to hear this bad news, really hope your body settles back down soon so you can start ttc again when you are ready. Big Hug xx
  • Hi Baby B,
    Really sorry for your loss, i too had a mc about 3 weeks ago so i know how you are feeling. I opted for the erpc as i hadn't had any bleeding & wanted to begin to move on. My bleeding lasted for about 10 days then i had a bit of discharge. I know exactly what you mean about wanting to ttc straight away...that's exactly how i feel altho like your oh mine too wants to wait until my first af. I hope you are ok....i am still having emotional days but it is getting easier as each day passes. Yesterday was particularly hard as it should have been my 12 week scan.

    Be strong & good luck....hope you ( & i!) get our BFP's soon.
    Nat xxx
  • so sorry to hear your news. You do sound really positive which is great. Good luck and hope you get your bfp soon.
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