1st wedding anniversary gift ideas!!!

Hey girls!

Our 1st wedding anniversary is in 6 weeks and I have been trying to think of a gift for hubs!!

Anyone got any ideas I can steal!!



  • A BFP? LOL...if it was that easy eh?
    But perhaps a lil break for the two of you? Like a city break? Or is that too expensive?

    Enjoy your day
  • We are going on hols a week after to isle of Wight plus with a 5 year old I don't think that'll be an option!!! Plus think hubs passport needs re doing!!! Lol!!

    With my dodgy af's I highly doubt it'll ever happen!!! Lol

  • 1st wedding anniversary = paper = tickets? for either a concert or show or sports match??? Just an idea to keep with the traditional paper gift for 1st wedding anniversary. xx
  • double post! :roll: :roll: :roll:

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  • Oh my god im so glad you mentioned it. Ours is on the 9th and the only thing im thinking about is the fact we were going away, didnt even think of getting a gift for him. Ill have to think of something. :\)

    Mhhhh paper...............

  • 1 year = paper.

    I'm getting my hubby this,


    with a map of either Bali where we went on honeymoon or Bamburgh as that's where we went on our perfect 3rd date!

  • for our first i got hubby and i tickets to see edd byrne win win really lol and he got me the words to our first dance n a frame,i didnt no anything about it and i thought it was a beautiful idea...since i love our song lol
  • Aaww Just had a quick peek at your link and its a really sweet idea.

    Just found out my hubby wants to go and see the magicians penn and teller in london so Im gonna pay for his ticket, at least I got the paper bit.

    Whats next year? and when is it diamond? :P

  • Ooh tickets!!! Good plan!! Will get on with looking into that one!! Hubs us sooo hard to buy for!! He's a gadget freak!!

    Omg I have just thought of the perfect gift!! Literally as I was typing!!! Lol
    hubs loves motorbikes so will see what they are like price wise!!

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