Cycle Buddies wanted on a relaxed month of TTC

Hi girls...

Well its back to CD1 for me & onto month 12 of TTC.

Going to try a totally relaxed approach (I hope) to TTC this month, no temping, no OPKs just back to basics.

I'm going to Rome & Sorrento a week on Tuesday for a much needed 2 week holiday & I am soooo looking forward to getting away from all this (as much as I can, as I know my mind will never really switch off) image

Anyway, if anyone wants to join me then you're more than welcome.

Lots of Love *Curls*


  • Hi hun. I can't be your cycle buddy but wanted to wish you a lovely beautiful holiday. I Italy so much (esp. the coffee) and soooo jealous!! Have a great time off - maybe just what you need before you concieve bambino!!!

  • Thanks for the reply canuckmom, that's very sweet of you!
    I love Italy too, lots, especially the wineimage which is the bright side I am trying to hold on to!!! image xx
  • Double post x

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  • Me! I think Im CD3 but having a rather light, short period- odd for me! And also hopefully going away at the end of the month!

    Good luck! Have a lovely holiday!

  • meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
    cycle buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Lozzy25 - My AF is odd this month too so far anyway...normally get excruciating pains, but not so much today (not that I'm complaining in any way image ) Thanks for being my buddy image

    MrsCake - *HUGS TIGHTLY* So nice to see a friendly face!!!!! Hope I don't see ya for much longer (In the nicest possible way, hee hee)
  • Hi Curls and everybody else! Can I join you please?

    I'm a few days into month 5 TTC and am abandoning OPKs / keeping track of days this month in favour of listening to my body and just BD-ing when we want to.

    My AF is due about the 1st/2nd July and hubby's birthday is the 3rd so I am definitely crossing my fingers for a nice brithday pressie for him, but am not going to obsess this month. I'm fed up with counting the days and symptom spotting over symptoms that aren't there and just want to relax now, forget about where I am in the month until AF is due/late and just hope to get pregnant when the time is right.

    Bags of babydust (and chill-out dust!) to all! image

  • Me neither and it was early which threw me- typical odd stuff happens as we start ttc! Grr!

    Babydust to you all,
  • Sorry to hear she got you again Curls. How are you? Hope you have a lovely chilled out holiday. I'm about a week ahead but can I join anyway? I am still OPKing this month to check if the B6 is working, but other than that I'm not counting cycle days or DPO this month. I didn't last month either and it kept me calm even when AF was late. I didn't do any early testing or anything, much more relaxed. I do think I am in danger of being too obsessed so I may require some help calming down. Good luck to all and truck loads of baby dust xxx
  • Hi All,

    Im not quite ready to join you yet but was thinking about taking the relaxed and natural approach next cycle. Im currently on cd25 but as my cbfm did not detect ov this month im not sure what dpo I am (if any) and when af is due but would like to join you for cycle 14 ( I am hovering between ttc and lttc at the moment).

    Good luck to everyone

  • Lozzy25 - well sods law, she must've heard the cramps kick in image

    MrsHobbes - Hello, long time no speak...I'm OK thanks, apart from the obvious image I've been looking into Holiday stuff online tonight so getting excited about that! Of course you can join me...the more the merrier! I'm sure we can all calm each other down...This will be the 1st month, since about 7 months ago that I haven't taken my temperature every day so it'll be a little bit weird, I'm sure.

    Lizzybuffe - In the nicest possible way I hope you dont have to join us & you can bring us some BFP luck. I was thinking about using a CBFM but think I'm going to have a couple of months of relaxing before I start getting obsessed again! You know where we are if you need us. image

    Thanks girls, just chatting with you for a little bit, makes me feel better so much quicker image xx
  • hey, i would love to be your cycle buddy, i am on cd2 now and its my first month ttc after my mc. mind if i join u??? xxx
  • Of course not Sally, the more the merrier
    Sorry to hear about your MC xx
  • Can I join ? I'm only on month 1 of ttc number 2 but already i can feel myself obsessing. Got positive OPKs and bd'd on them so now i'm crawling through the 2ww and I just need some grounding !
  • Hey there!
    Well CD 6 for me today but I tend to OV early so I might need to start the BD'ing soon!


    lots of baby dust and how is everyone else?
  • I'm still lurking ha ha! Just wanted to say good luck for this forthcoming month curls and Mrs Cake. I just realised something we also did different this month which may help - we carried on quite a few days after what was supposed to be my O day. xx
  • Hey lou!!!!
    You must keep popping in and letting us know how you are. Thanks for checking up on us image
    You will be the first to know when me and curls finaly do it!
    I think that is important so I am going to try that this month becuase I often get to ovulation then we are so tired we don't carry on after so good tip
    xxxxx image
  • Hey girls...

    I've had a very down day today! :cry: 1st day back to work after a nice weekend brought me back down to earth with a massive bump! Felt teary all day & went out to lunch & only noticed pregnant people, including one who was smoking :x Just totally fed up with everything, works boring, don't wanna be there, nothings moving with my house image

    Told OH last night that I was taking it easy this month & he said he'd support me whatever I decided to do.

    Thinking we need to carry on BD'ing after OV date, so hoping that will happen when we're on holiday. Situations always seem to arrive that makes it impossible, but as we're away from CD10 til CD25, we should be OK, no distractions. I think as my cycle is 28/29 days long but FF always thinks I have a long LP (16 days) I think this is wrong, I must take longer to OV.

    Anyway we'll try that this month & see what happens image

    Hopes everyone else?

  • Hi!

    I'm currently on CD 3 so would like to join if that's ok? My cycles have been all over the place so I wasn't expecting AF til 12th June but I guess she wanted to take me by surprise!

    I used a CBFM last month, but as it didn't detect any peaks I'm thinking of not using it this month. I have to admit to getting slightly obsessed again last month, so have def decided to relax this month and just have funimage

  • Hi MsImpatient image

    Aren't our bodies strange...I've thought about the CBFM but I think I need a couple of months of chill out before I go the whole hog & pay the money.

    Welcome aboard, hopefully we can all help each other image xx
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