Be prepared to be confused!!

Morning ladies!

Right here goes..... :lol:
I came off the pill at then end of feb, had my wd bleed then on the 5th April I started af, i had a few days of light spotting and 24 hrs of full flow. All in all it lasted approx 7 days (including one day inbetween of nothing!).
The wed following af we bd and oh managed to fire his swimmers - every other time this month he hasn't been able to (big thanks to *cuddles* for all the talks!).
Anyway...last week for a few days I had a fair bit of cm. Then it dried up, saturday I had light brown cm, yesterday I got a very little bit of ewcm and in the evening got some mild pains inside and a dragging sensation (not abdominal but more like cervical). For the last couple of nights i've felt light twinging too.

Is this all normal for this time of month or what?! LOL.

Would appreciate any replies. xx


  • I'd have to pass on that i think......
    It doesn't sound like a 'normal' cycle to me, could possibly be due to coming off the pill, hopefully it's due to other things?!
  • Right then partner in crime....... If (fingers crossed its not) it's a BFN this month then I am going to share my 'magic' spreadsheet with you, I use it to track everything and it gives me a better idea of dates etc. Maybe you should use OPK for one month too - just to get a better idea of your cycle. It is early days since coming off the pill but everyone is different and it wouldn't be unheard of to get a BFP this soon. At least if AF does arrive we have a plan......Eh??? xx
  • Hi Hun,
    I had all these sorts of symptoms after coming off the pill, but then i did have to wait 3 months for first proper af to come, ur body could still be messing u around, or u could get ur bfp this month, when are u going to test? x
  • Thank you ladies - PrincessA I prob won't test until the 9/10th May when af is due - which I am 95% certain she will rear her ugly head.
    *cuddles* - yes hun that sounds like a plan!! Think I'm def going to invest in some opk for May. I've been using my iPhone app - iPeriod and it's pretty good but b'cos its my first proper cycle i'm still confused by it all! As you well know! xx
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