Feeling very emotional today

Don't know whether it's because I'm tired or what but I'm all over the place today. One minute I'm really angry and the next I'm completely chilled out. Came home and cried to the OH because I was stressed about work but after about 10 mins I was fine. I think it's probably due to lack of sleep (the puppy somehow made it onto our bed last night and I had a very uncomfortable/restless nights sleep)...I don't know. Rant rant rant rant rant!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxx


  • Thank you happy image that's the plan! I should go and walk puppy but I really am sooooo so so tired...oh deary me :P xxx
  • Ooo I know that feeling well hun, have been like it since last thurs, but not thinkng its a symptom, as I have had a really hard week, only set to get worse, and ttc is not helping at all, its like a vicious circle, my little dog is getting negelcted on the walkies front this week too as me and hubby have been so busy! X x
  • Get used to feeling tired every day once you have a lil baby!! lol i have a 1 yr old and he keeps me busy all day..........im not looking forward to being preg and running around all the time!! lol well secretly i am!!! xjen
  • Same here Princess A, I think I'm just over-stressed with this TTC thing and SS and whatnot. I need to chillax! Managed to drag myself out to walk puppy last night, we didn't go very far though :S
    Haha foxjenz, I'm looking forward to it! I won't mind being tired when I have a little bubba to look after, promise :P xxx
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