Little bean no more

I've miscarried. I feel so devasted, after it happening last year i hoped to never experience this again. I just feel empty now, have to go in on friday and have pregnancy taken away. They gave me the option to let nature miscarry properly. But i'd rather get it over and done with. DH says it wsn't around long enough to be upset about (just shows you how much men know sometimes)

Just wanted to let you ladies know as you've been great and such support in the short time i've been on here. Sevens, i've got my fingers crossed so tight for you tomorrow, i really hope you get wonderful news xx

Megs xx


  • Megs, i am sooo sorry to hear that.

    All i can say is stay strong, and look after yourself.


    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
  • oh honey, Im really really sorry to hear that. Did they say what the cause was and when it happened? I'm truly gutted for you, words can't express it. Take care of yourself and have a few treats to try and make yourself feel a bit beta. Im here if you need to speak more. Thank you for your best wishes, I still don't know what to think about the result for tomorrow.

  • You darling - take care of yourself. Much love and wishes of luck.

    I think you are being so, so brave and you should be so proud of that. Take care of yourself x
  • Thank you ladies, you are all so kind. Sevans, they said the same i was told last time 'sometimes this just happens' (not v helpful) and the midwife there was horrid enough to say it wasn't meant to be which may be true but not what you want to hear when you've just found out. sevans what time is your scan?? let us know won't you - sticky sticky babydust to you xxx megs xxx
  • So sorry Megs, hope you can get the support you need and if you can't you've always got us! image

    Take care xx
  • Ohh sweetie im so sorry! Dont be too hard on oh, men will never understand how us ladies feel about our little angels no matter how small they are they are loved right from the start! Take time to heal and come back and see us when your ready, lots of love and cyber hugs Debbie xxxxx
  • scan is 9am, Im so nervous. I am meant to be at a conference all day tomorrow on behalf of my post, but if its bad news, I may just either go home or go into work. Im still spotting brown.
  • If its bad news sevans, you do what makes you feel better hunny, i mean if you think being around work people may help or going home to relax.spotting brown isn't always bad news is it so you try and keep your chin up.Is someone going with you hunny? I'm really hopeful your little bean is safe xx Megs xx
  • I really hope its good news for your scan tomorrow sevans, ill be thinking of you xxxx
  • Oh minimonkey I'm so sad to hear that. ((((()))))Lots of love and hope you heal well xxx
  • Minimonkey - so sorry to hear about your news. Take care and take it easy x x
  • Sorry to hear your sad news,take care x
  • so sorry take care xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • i am truly sorry to hear your sad news. I also have had 2 mcs (1 of them 4 1/2 weeks ago). it doesn't matter how short the pregnancy was, it means the world to you. I hope friday goes as well as it can XX
  • So sorry minimonkey - take some time for yourself to heal- nothing anyone can say can make it better but we're all here for you whenever you want to come back.

    sevans - fingers, toes and everything else crossed for tomorrow.

  • Im so sorry to hear that hunny, i know how u feel as im mc 2wks ago today....i think men look at it differently hunny, its a bay to us as soon as we see that 2nd line. Try to stay strong hunny xxxxx
  • Oh I'm so sorry to hear this Megs. I hope your oh becomes more understanding. Take you time to heal.xx
  • Thank you all for you kind words and support. I'm going to be taking time to heal and relax a little about ttc again. Sounds weird but at the moment i'm almost scared to think of us trying again if it means that i might MC again. I know i shouldn't look at it like that. I think we're going to wait quite a few months because i don't want to risk it being a weak pregnancy if we did catch. Don't even know how long is recommended. Take care ladies. I'll still be on here chatting to you i think xxx Megs xxx p.s. i'll have everything crossed for bfp all round for everyone on here xxx
  • I am so sorry to hear that Megs, I hope you're okay

    Loads of love

    Jen x
  • Take care of yourself Megs, xx
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