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Hello All
I'm new to the forum and would like you opinions on the below please?
I have been off the pill since May 09, whilst me and the other half have not been actively trying, I have found this month I am over a week late.
I should have come on 18th. I did a test last Friday and came back BFN, now today I haven't come on properly but have noticed when I go to the toilet that I have a redish colour on the paper(sorry :S) Usually when I'm coming on I get a little of this and then about an hour or so later a full flow!....I haven't had this yet, but have had to put a pad on to catch any that I didn't in the I deluding myself that this isn't a period?! Just wondering whether anyone else has had this before. Usually when I'm stressed I'm late, but have no reason for it this time?!
Thanks in advance for your help xx


  • Could be a late implantation?
    I was 4 days late last cycle but then came on as normal (although seemed slightly lighter than previous AFs). No reason for it either really.
    If you still dont have a full flow by the weekend then maybe do another test?
    Hope it is late implantation and you get your BFP.
  • Other than implantation and any other issues.

    I usually will have full AF straight away but with years I noticed it is changing. I now have little brownish or red discharge and then sometimes AF starts to flow the next day. (sorrrry TMI). image

    I would wait till tomorw.
  • Thanks girls...think it will be the start...but thought would see if anyones had anything similar before pregnancy. I'm usually regular as clockwork, but for some reason this month my body doesn't want this period! Thanks for your help xx
  • Hi JJ09
    G/C from DIN
    You can get some irregular bleeds in early pg.
    They can be hormonal - if around AF times.
    But you also have alot more blood in your uterus so you can get little bleeds from that.

    I got my BFP on 14DPO, then had a mini brown bleed a week later and another larger one a week after that (the second one after BD'ing)

    Some ladies have had what they thought were AF's for most of the way through.

    Isn't it lovely how our bodies play these games with us. I also kept having the occasionally random longer cycle - and it was only when I got a CBFM that I was sure when I ov'd. My BFP at 14DPO was a pretty definite line and I had an early scan after the second bleed (all ok) which confirmed my dates were spot on.

    Hope that helps
  • Hope its implantation for you (sounds like it could be) and that your AF doesnt arrive, good luck TTC xx
  • Hey all, thanks for your posts, will let you know progress tomorrow xx
  • Hello, just an update to say looks like its the start of the period for this month! Is a little heavier this morning. Maybe next month. Think my body must know that me and my husband are going away for the weekend!!
    Just want to say thank you all for your support on this xxx
  • sorry AF got you hunny, all the luck for next month and have a lovely time away xx
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